10 G Street – A Hub for Associations in DC

Location plays a major role in deciding on an office for your association. Iconically positioned at the heart of Capitol Hill, the 10 G Street District Offices coworking space is a powerful draw for local and national associations, many of which are headquartered in this thriving DC submarket.

There are several reasons why powerful associations are shifting their focus from the DC central business district and towards emerging markets such as the Capitol Hill neighborhood.


A simple commute with multiple options for getting to work is a significant factor in choosing a new workplace. Being able to attend key events on Capitol Hill easily or to invite members of Congress into your office space is also a powerful selling point. At District Offices, we understand the value of this connectivity, which is why our 10 G Street coworking space is just half a block from Union Station, offering seamless Metro, Amtrak, and VRE connections.

Open Design

Open-plan, flexible working remains a key trend in today’s workspace design, and associations are signing leases with this in mind. Thoughtfully crafted to meet these needs, District Offices’ 10 G Street location is representative of the modern, collaborative approach that today’s workers expect, and stands in clear contrast to the more traditional workplaces found in the CBD. Our space also caters to associations’ events, training, and meeting needs.


Today’s working goes beyond the four walls of the office. Employees demand workspaces that offer integrated extras such as wellness, bike storage, and ready access to dining and retail. With its fitness facility, rooftop lounge, and proximity to cafes, restaurants, bars, shopping, and key landmarks, our 10 G Street location offers more than just a place to work.

The Lowdown on 10 G Street

A Class A office building owned by the American Psychological Association and its affiliates, APA Ten G LLC, District Offices’ 10 G Street location embodies the shifting needs of today’s associations. In addition to its well-equipped coworking spaces, it incorporates five conference rooms, an 88-person training room, state-of-the-art plug-and-play technology, and a green roof garden and terrace. Ideally located on Capitol Hill close to Union Station, Congress, the Georgetown University Law Center, and other destinations of note, 10 G Street empowers associations to make an impact.

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