8 Tips to Encourage Workplace Innovation

Most, if not all businesses, strive for innovative thinking.  True innovation challenges the status quo, invents new ways of doing business, and can quickly set you apart from your competition.

Read on for some tips on how to encourage an innovative mindset.

1. Foster a Supportive Environment

One way to encourage fresh, out-of-the-box ideas, is having an open-door policy, where employees are always welcome to come to leadership with their thoughts and suggestions. It also means that- while mistakes happen and should be addressed- people aren’t punished harshly for them.  Innovation doesn’t have to be saved for brainstorming sessions or special conferences—it can be a constant element of everyone’s job and mindset.

2. Walk the Walk

Naturally, not every idea will be successful, so when you talk about your past decisions that didn’t pan out, focus on what you learned. Owning up to your mistakes will demonstrate to your employees that it’s OK to think in new ways and pitch ideas.

3. Seek Out Diverse Skills

Seeking out candidates who may have skills and backgrounds that are different from those on your team can lead to innovation. It’s always helpful to work with people who approach things in a unique way and can bring a new mindset to the table.

4. Reward Innovation

Incentivizing creative thinking with tangible rewards will show that you value new contributions and motivate your team to come to you with innovative suggestions.

5. Power Collaboration

Providing your team with online collaboration platforms, project management software or even having a shared Good Drive, are simple ways that can lead to effective brainstorming sessions.

6. Use Space Strategically

In-person meetings in a more relaxed and open space, can encourage collaboration and lead to more creative and innovative thinking.

7. Get Outside Ideas

If you operate in a coworking or shared office space, go ahead and interact with your officemates. Even if they are from different industries, they can bring ideas to the table from an entirely different perspective that could spark your next great venture.

8. Stay up to Date

Your employees can easily be one step ahead of the competition by keeping abreast of current industry trends and market research.

By encouraging innovation, you’re not only helping your business grow to new heights but also creating a happier, more engaged workforce with higher employee satisfaction (and retention).

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