What Your Organization’s Office Needs in 2022

This year has marked a shift from fully remote to hybrid working arrangements. Each company has varying sizes, cultures, and market niches, however, there are certain key themes that organizations should keep in mind when designing their hybrid working arrangements.  This is especially critical since the workplace environment is an important factor in worker retention.

1. Flexibility Reigns Supreme.

Although the world is slowly returning to normal, your company’s responsibilities may still be in flux.  Scalability is instrumental in accommodating your business needs.  Choosing a coworking space as your main office, or even as a supplemental one, can be a great way to make sure that your team always has a desk, pod, or even conference room ready and waiting.

2. Convenience is Critical.

Years of working remotely means that returning to the office involves a more significant commute.  Being selective about your office’s location is vital. Proximity to public transport or major commuting thoroughfares, easy access to parking, and a closeness to key activity areas are all factors to consider.  Coworking spaces- such as those offered by District Offices- deliver unrivaled accessibility, without the exorbitant costs of a traditional commercial lease.

3. Prioritize Tools and Tech.

A hybrid working environment requires different tools, processes, and technology. Ensuring appropriate tech, training, and collaborative spaces is extremely vital. Providing your staff with the necessary mechanisms to succeed is good for your deliverables, bottom line, and for empowering your team. At District Offices, we prioritize connectivity and ensure that our subscribers and tenants have access to state-of-the-art tech – and tech support.

4. Perks can Inspire.

If your office perks start and end with coffee and pastries, it’s time to reconsider. Today’s workspaces need to deliver ways to maximize each day. A forward space such as District Offices- with green design, concierge-style support staff, and convenient access to retail and services- will enhance your team’s day productively- and positively.

Make 2022 Your Year at District Offices

If your organization is shifting towards a hybrid working environment, leverage the turnkey workplace offerings provided at District Offices.  Our strategically positioned DC locations ensure that you exceed your employees’ expectations. Powerfully accessible, exceptionally equipped, and surrounded by the best DC has to offer, we’ll elevate the hybrid business experience.


Contact us to discuss your needs, book a tour, or secure the perfect space for your business.


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