Team Building Activities to do in D.C.


October 3, 2019

Every successful business is backed by a strong team. A business can’t survive without one. However, strong teams don’t just happen. They are cultivated, using intentionality and purpose. One of the best ways to help a team bond and become stronger is to plan team-building activities that are outside the normative environment of “work.” While team-building events take some extra time away from work and require planning, the payoff in your business can be huge.

Not only do team building activities help break down barriers between the people that work for you, but they also help foster better communication, provide a boost of motivation, and help with employee retention.

Do Unto Others

People that know they are valued are more inclined to put their best foot forward in the day-to-day operations than people that feel unseen by the boss or management. Team building can also be great for cultivating a little friendly competition between team members, which may increase overall productivity.

The critical thing to keep in mind when planning team building activities is not to go into them with any hidden agenda. The main goal should be to have some fun with your crew and encourage everyone to “let their hair down,” so to speak.

It also helps shake up a monotonous routine that’s become stagnant and gives everyone an opportunity to get to know each other better through something other than their work lens.

Feeling a tad stuck? Keep reading for our best ideas for team building adventures in D.C. Why not start planning an excursion this week?

The Artist in You

If you know your business is made up of a bunch of creatives, this can be an excellent team-building activity. Even if your team isn’t wildly creative, this can still be a fun activity to push them out of their comfort zone and inspire new ideas and new friendships. Places like ArtJamz Studios offer team-building art parties replete with drinks and even food catering if you choose.

Quick Escape

Places like Escape the Room in D.C. offer a fun, challenging, interactive experience that engages all the senses. There’s nothing quite like solving a puzzle or a mystery to bring people together and get them to work cohesively as a team. It’s an excellent and fun excursion for team building, especially if you’re a small outfit with only a handful of people that work for you.

X Marks the Spot

Scavenger hunts are also an excellent way to make team members work together to achieve a goal. Places like Watson Adventures turn D.C. into a veritable playground, with clues and scavenger hunts that take you through museums like the Smithsonian, the National Portrait Gallery, and the American Art Museum, to name a few.

Or you could plan a text-based scavenger hunt like what you find at Stray Boots Scavenger Hunts, which takes your team through three different game zones throughout D.C. using text clues. You could even plan the scavenger hunt that takes your team through a place like the Smithsonian National Zoo, with the winner getting dinner for free on you.

Try a Class

Again, all of these ideas are centered around creating an “experience” that your team can go through together. People remember experiences more than they remember specific activities, and lots of bonding occurs when people go through an adventure together. Even things like cooking classes or fitness classes can bond your team as they attempt to cook a three-course meal together or endure a spinning class together.

Remember, the goal of team building activities is to have fun and connect on a more personal level than what you might in the office. Start by establishing a budget and taking a poll on a few different ideas with your crew. Then get to planning! If you need any meeting or event space for your offsite team-building activities, check out District Offices!

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