3 Simple Ways to Boost your Retention


August 29, 2022

Staff turnover has been known to affect morale, profitability, and institutional knowledge. By creating the conditions for an engaged, loyal workforce, you’ll be able to keep your top talent with you for the long term. Here’s how to do it.

1. Have a Plan for the Future

The more you invest in your team, the more they will invest in you.  Having a visible path forward that outlines responsibilities and promotional opportunities is critical.  Empower your team by regularly checking in to see what their goals are and what your organization can do to ensure inclusion.  Create plans they can follow and provide opportunities for team members to work across different areas of the organization to develop their skills and expand their knowledge.

2. Celebrate Flexibility and Autonomy

Workplace flexibility is exceedingly valued. Creating a high-trust culture that gives your team ownership over when and where they work will drive engagement and boost retention. Increasingly, professionals are demanding autonomy in their roles. They want to see principles triumph over processes, expect their competence to be respected, and demand to be given the tools they need to succeed. Meet your team where they are and give them what they need to keep on climbing. You will be rewarded with loyalty.

3. Create a Worker-Friendly Environment

With employees spending a third (or more!) of their days at work, your workplace environment matters. Foster happiness and engagement with a comfortable, collaborative working environment that allows your team to work how and where they please. Natural light, green areas, flexible workspaces, on-site amenities, and proximity to transit, restaurants, and key services are all winners. If your current workplace harks back to the days of the cubicle farm, it’s time to course correct – either by upgrading your current space or giving your team the option to work from a worker-forward coworking space such as District Offices.

Ready to Retain Staff? Let’s Talk.

With a roster of powerfully amenitized workplaces in Farragut, Georgetown, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Capitol Hill, District Offices can help your organization put its best foot forward. Our locations feature on-demand hot desks, private office suites, and even reservable board and meeting rooms so that your team can work the way that suits them. Whether your team is fully in-person or working on a hybrid basis, we have everything you need to make their days in the office enjoyable and fulfilling – so they’ll want to stick around. Curious about our spaces? Let’s talk!

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