Coworking Spaces for Lawyers and Legal Professionals are an Ideal Choice

As the world begins to return to in-person working, solo attorneys, lawyers, paralegals, and other law professionals are rethinking how and where they work. But large law offices or chambers can be expensive, inflexible, or scarce in terms of availability. Little wonder legal professionals looking for space are turning to coworking as a viable option.

Coworking Spaces for Lawyers and Legal Professionals

Here’s why coworking can be the ideal workplace solution for people in the legal profession.

Coworking Enables Legal Professionals to Easily Meet with Clients

Legal professionals need to be able to meet with clients in a professional place that is private and centrally located. Solo practitioners working from home or from a small office in the suburbs are challenged in terms of professionalism and access. In contrast, coworking spaces such as District Offices which are centrally located, fully amenitized, and offer on-demand meeting rooms of all sizes, allow legal professionals to put their best foot forward when meeting with clients.

Coworking Ensures Privacy for Legal Professionals

Privacy is essential for legal professionals. Today’s coworking spaces are keyed into this requirement. District Offices offer a variety of private offices, suites, and meeting rooms. This ensures that phone calls and meetings are private and uninterrupted, and that sensitive information is safe and protected. Crucially, the presence of on-site support staff along with personalized telephony services provides a buffer that allows clients, visitors, and callers to be directed or routed according to one’s preferences and schedule.

Coworking Surrounds Legal Professionals with Other High Performers

Coworking clients tend to be high-performing individuals interested in fostering professional growth and important connections. Coworking spaces such as District Offices actively foster networking and professional development among their clients. Legal professionals, who rent a desk or office in our strategically located, curated coworking space, gain access to valuable connections and opportunities that are reflected on their bottom line.

Coworking Lets Legal Practices Grow at Their Own Pace

Office overheads can account for 45-50% of the fee dollar, with non-salary expenses– such as rent, telephone, and library equipment– eating up a large proportion of revenues. This is especially the case when a law firm is either quickly growing or has rented a too-large space in anticipation of future growth. Renting a desk or office within a coworking space allows solo lawyers as well as law practices to pay for only the space they currently need. Expansion is easy as growth demands. In addition, coworking spaces such as District Offices are fully amenitized affording even the smallest practice access to all the workplace benefits and admin support they need on a day-to-day basis.

Coworking Puts Legal Professionals Close to Key Addresses

For legal professionals in D.C., proximity to the law courts is vital. With multiple, strategically located addresses, District Offices put lawyers and legal professionals close to the action. It not only reduces commutes and travel time but also makes it convenient to meet with other legal professionals as needed. Whether you make our coworking space your main office or a convenient satellite office that puts you close to the court for a major case, we make access simple and effective.

District Offices is proud to be called “home” by some of D.C.’s leading law professionals.

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