How to Wrap up the Year and Prep for 2023

It may be hard to believe, but we’re well into the pointy end of the year -soon enough, we’ll be flipping those calendars over to 2023. If you want to put your best foot forward this coming new year, take some time during these last few weeks of December to wrap up those to-do lists and reviews. Make sure you know what you plan to achieve in 2023. Here’s where to begin.

Embark Upon a Year-End Review

How did your organizational outcomes match up against your goals? Map those milestones against your plan to see where you exceeded expectations and where you might have been overly ambitious. Analyze the factors that shaped those results and bring those to the table for next year. And don’t forget to interview your team to seek feedback and input! This will help you gauge how they’re feeling about their work and where you could offer support or resources or shift around responsibilities. Finally, reflect on your own achievements and milestones and how they can inform the coming year from both a leadership and organizational perspective. At District, we have a variety of workspaces, including private meeting rooms, to ensure those end-of-year reviews are as productive and informative as possible.

Set Those Goals for Next Year

A goal defined is a goal that can be met. Review your company’s growth and trajectory, then identify what’s next on a quarterly, annual, and longer-term basis. Set goals that are relevant, measurable, and achievable – make sure they’re ones that you and your team are excited about. What are your priorities, and why? How do they tie into your brand values and your organizational objectives? Use your team interviews, client or customer feedback, and metrics to help shape your plans, projects, and goals for 2023. Need a place to gather so that you can brainstorm priorities, outline projects, and put plans into action? Simply rent one of District’s meeting or conference rooms.

Get Your Budget (and House) in Order

New year, new budget. Now is the time to wrap up those outstanding invoices or payments, reconcile your accounts, and get those tax forms in order. Take some time to review your accounts to identify areas where you can cut or consolidate costs and where you can reallocate or adjust spending in the coming year. Subscriptions, tech, data, and office space are a few areas ripe for review. If you’re running a hybrid organization or are looking at scaling up or down, District is here to provide unrivaled, fully amenitized, and appointed workspaces without the lengthy contracts or inflexibility of traditional office space. We can even help get those tech costs under control.

Celebrate Your Achievements!

It’s been a year of hard work. Before you embrace 2023, make it a point to celebrate individual and team milestones and achievements. Host an office award ceremony. Put on a dinner or end-of-year party. Stop by individual team members’ workspaces to personally acknowledge their accomplishments -show that they’re valued. With a variety of meeting spaces and function rooms, a full roster of events, plus breakout areas and gathering spaces, District makes it easy to celebrate those wins. For help planning or hosting, simply talk to our on-site staff and event planners!

Step into 2023 at District Offices

If 2023 means expanding, shifting to hybrid or in-person work, or hosting more client or team meetings, District Offices is here to help. Our strategically located D.C. workspaces are designed to let you work your own way -whether that’s in a private office, an on-demand hot desk, or in a conference room -our workspaces are supported by a full suite of amenities as well as on-site staff. Talk to us today about how we can help you meet your organizational goals for 2023!




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