How to Find the Right Office Space for Your Company

The world of office space is rapidly changing. One year into the pandemic, most businesses are at the drawing board– analyzing if their current strategy is working for the company and its employees. Some bigger companies have announced switching to long-term remote working or hybrid options to include both remote and in-office work.

At a time when there are so many different ways to work, how do you find the right office space? What kind of options are available?

Keep reading to understand what to consider when looking for the right office space.

Consider how much it will be used.

No longer does every company have its own full-time space, which is mostly due to the pandemic. After the pandemic sent everyone to work from home, companies were losing money paying for their office space. From paying rent to maintenance, it’s not efficient if the building is empty. But now that we’re looking at a brighter future, what kind of office space suits your company?

Define your strategy and speak with employees to understand what they prefer when it comes to office space. What are your current policies? Are they positively affecting your bottom line?

From co-working spaces, dedicated desks, virtual offices, to private offices– there are plenty of options available to suit the strategy you decide on.

Finding the right fit.

Spaces that are the right size are shown to increase productivity, boost employee satisfaction, and attract and retain talent. Effective office spaces instill company culture and encourage social interaction even within an ‘efficient office footprint.’ This could mean having a multipurpose space that offers flexibility and is cost-effective. It’s also important to ask your employees about their preferences as giving them control makes them feel valued. When you’re looking for the right space for your company consider its convenience and flexibility.

Where are your employees traveling from? Is the office space close to public transportation and parking  How easily can you’re your clients and customers find your office space? Ensure they are accommodated as well.

Support services.

Is it important to have support services such as a professional receptionist or someone to receive mail and packages for you?  If this is important, a coworking space may be the right option.  A variety of packages are typically offered with a wide range of fees based on the services you need.

Amenities are important.

Amenities that maximize wellness are what most employees are looking for in 2021. This includes a bright office space with natural lighting, openness, and greenery. Cleanliness is extremely high on the list, meaning air conditioning filters, vacuums, and spotless restrooms and kitchen space. There’s also the need to provide clear signage and policies on hand sanitizer and mask-wearing. Lastly, coffee and water are valued to keep energy high throughout the day.

While office spaces are changing, they aren’t going anywhere. Browse District Offices to find a variety of options that fit any work style and industry. Our goal is to provide an office solution for tenants ranging from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.



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