Benefits of a Flex Space Model for Your Business

flex space

May 13, 2022

The past two years changed the very foundation of how and where we work.  Flex office space is an emerging solution for a hybrid work model. Let’s explore what that means and how it can be beneficial for your company.

What Is a Flex Space?

A Flex Space is a workplace you can rent on a short-term basis that has a multipurpose design and is often shared between companies. Some companies may even have multiple flex spaces in a city to give their workforce location options and a reduced commute time.

How Does a Flex Space Work?

Flex spaces have open-concept layouts.  These spaces typically include some core features:

  • Huddle spaces for small groups
  • Conference spaces and meeting rooms for larger gatherings
  • Quiet areas or pods where people can go to concentrate or take calls in privacy
  • Hoteling spaces that can be reserved and used as temporary workspaces
  • Open lounges with comfortable seating like couches
  • Shared resources such as lunchrooms and copy rooms

What Are the Benefits of a Flex Space?

Beyond their physical flexibility, flex spaces have numerous benefits for companies and their employees.

  1. Cost savings. By offering a much shorter lease as well as office furnishings, flex spaces are much more budget-friendly than traditional office setups.
  2. Shared amenities. Flex spaces have a variety of amenities, such as printing equipment, office furniture, Wi-Fi and phone services, food and beverage, cleaning services, utilities, and event spaces.
  3. Boosted teamwork. By arranging the office so that teams can easily sit together or meet in a huddle, flex spaces encourage collaboration.
  4. Flexibility. Adaptation is key. In the event your company experiences fast growth or needs to downsize, you can easily expand or scale back your workforce.
  5. Improved employee retention. Using a flex space and a hybrid model can help ensure employee satisfaction, which improves morale, productivity, and retention.

Remaining flexible as times change is critical for a happy and engaged workplace.  If you’re looking to explore a flex office space, our team at District Offices is here to get you into the right space.

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