A Positive Company Culture Invigorates Your Profitability and Growth

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April 28, 2022

Teamwork makes the dream work – especially if your team feels good about where they work. A positive company culture fosters morale, boosts productivity, encourages collaboration and creativity, and results in lower turnover and absenteeism. It’s also a vital factor in your profitability and future growth. Here’s how your organization can reap the benefits of a vibrant company culture:

How to Foster a Great Company Culture

A great company culture doesn’t just happen. It’s nurtured from the top down until it infuses every aspect of your workplace. You can create the conditions for a positive culture with:

  • Team empowerment. Micro-management destroys workers’ sense of autonomy and professionalism. Trust your team to work, create, make decisions – and to come to you with big ideas or suggestions.
  • A thoughtful brand. It’s easier to stand for something when you know what that something is. Build a coherent, cohesive brand identity so that you can easily communicate your goals, principles, and personality – and invite team members to be a part of it.
  • Upward mobility. If you invest in your team, they’ll invest in you. Work with team members to define personal and professional career goals, then help them get there with training, education, and mentorship. You’ll have a happy, fulfilled team at your fingertips.
  • Wellness initiatives. There’s more to work than work. Take steps to look after your team’s mental and physical well-being so that they’re ready to give their best. Examples include access to a gym, bike storage stations, healthy catered meals, and mental health days.
  • Flexibility. 9-5 isn’t for everyone, especially after two years of WFH. Be flexible with when and how people need to be in the office. Other areas where you can be flexible include: leave, job roles, and promotion trajectories.
  • Social initiatives. Solidify team relationships with events, activities, and initiatives that encourage people to cooperate, play and collaborate. Create these organic opportunities with a workspace that encourages connection and conversation.


Where You Work Shapes How You Work

A cubicle farm isn’t conducive to a great company culture. While a strong company culture might arise in spite of a workplace that’s designed to keep people separated, you’ll achieve much better results in a human-centric, flexible space designed with people in mind.

Contemporary coworking spaces such as those at District Offices have been designed to elevate company culture and individual satisfaction. We cater to your employees with perks and amenities designed to anticipate every need:

  • Multiple locations. Cut the commute. Work where you want – and in a place that’s most convenient to your home or your meetings.
  • Flexible hours. Early birds and night owls rejoice. With flexible access, your team can work around family, school drop-offs, appointments, and more.
  • Flexible spaces. Work at a traditional desk, from a couch, or around a conference table. Let your team choose the set-up that makes them the most productive.
  • Powerful programming. Learn, connect, and collaborate. Regular events and programming encourage people to come together and share their expertise.
  • Everything you need. From coffee to meal prep to bike storage, we’ve got the little things handled so that your team can focus on the big ones.
  • Close and convenient. Convenient addresses make grabbing lunch, running errands, or relaxing on your lunch hour a breeze.
  • Branding options. In addition to open plan coworking areas, we also offer private offices where we can work with you to brand to your needs.

Boost Your Company Culture at District Offices

If you’re looking to pay it forward by giving your team the benefit of a positive company culture, talk to the team at District Offices. With a variety of locations, working environments, and perks, we offer flexible, people-first workplaces that will help you put your best organizational foot forward. Don’t let your company culture be your weakest link. Solidify it by fostering the conditions needed to create a great place to work – including an exceptional working environment.


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