Finding Mindfulness in the Workplace

Mindfulness isn’t just a buzzword – it’s top-of-mind for most leaders. Research has shown time and time again that employee well-being is vital for productivity, career longevity, and organizational loyalty. As we return to the office and relearn how to work in a shared environment, prioritizing well-being is more critical than ever. Here’s how to make well-being your focus – and to create a working environment that’s good for your employees and your bottom line.

1. Make Well-being a Priority

Well-being shouldn’t just be something that you schedule to coincide with a lunch break. Infuse it into your company culture by encouraging mental health breaks such as walks or even coffee runs. Hold meetings in outdoor areas – District Offices offers several meeting spaces in terraced areas or outside – or in informal settings. Embrace a casual dress code and encourage health-forward behaviors such as cycling to work or lunchtime yoga or workouts. A workspace that offers perks such as bike storage and on-site fitness can help foster these. Natural light, greenery, and well-designed open spaces are also big winners when it comes to well-being, so make these a priority when choosing a workspace.

2. Be Mindful of Others

The past couple of years have been challenging in a number of ways. We’re all trying to “office” again after an extended time away, and many of us are still trying to navigate the new normal. Try to extend some grace to your coworkers – you don’t always know someone’s whole story and what they might be going through. Read people’s signals and give them time or space if they need it (headphones in are a clear “no-go” signal!) That said, also make it a point to include people by greeting them or inviting them to lunch, coffee, or events. Sometimes people hang back until invited, so extend that invitation: you might just make someone’s day. If you’re a leader or boss, have an open-door policy and make it a point to check in with team members to see how they’re doing and what you can do to accommodate or support them.

3. Embrace Creativity

Mindfulness and creativity go hand in hand. Foster your employees’ creative side by encouraging behaviors such as continuous learning and imaginatively minded workplace habits such as brainstorming, freewriting, and free drawing. Arrange opportunities to participate in classes and activities that foster creative thinking and expression, and consider excursions to galleries, museums, and performances – all of which are easily accessible from any District Offices address. Encouraging your employees to keep an open, curious mind will help build healthy habits that are reflected in your team’s performance and overall well-being.

Foster Well-being at District Offices

At District Offices, we’re always mindful of how place influences how we work, connect and refresh. Our light-filled flexible workspaces are designed with well-being in mind and make it easy to work your way. Centrally located, bursting with natural light and greenery, and replete with wellbeing-focused amenities, we’re the ideal option for teams that are just now returning to the office or who are offering hybrid working arrangements to those who need a break from work-from-home life. With a variety of workspaces to suit how you work, we have something for everyone – so talk to us today!



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