Offices Are Changing: How to Enhance the Workspace Experience

The management and functions of modern workplaces are currently up for debate, leading to lots of change and rethinking. Some workplaces are coming out of lockdown with new safety and sanitization protocol, while others will still be empty for months to come. As we know, coronavirus is not ending anytime soon, and so it’s time to think about longer-term changes and what workspaces should look like moving forward. As we look at the future, let’s acknowledge how we can enhance the workspace. Below we’ve outlined what to take into account to make your workspace better considering the current world.

Health and Wellness

Wellness will be the main priority. Focusing on people and catering to their health needs is essential to ensure a safe return and future. This means redesigning the interior to accommodate social distancing as well as prioritizing fresh, clean air. Of course, the protocol for sanitization and safety measures is extremely important. As Covid-19 has proven, working from home can be productive, if there is trust between management and staff. This means that providing flexibility with working hours and how often employees must come into the office will be important. Lastly, after working at home and going through a pandemic, mental health services will be a focus. It’s important to survey and understand what your employees are looking for and implementing their feedback.

Make the Commute Worth It

We know it’s possible to keep remote workers happy, so why would they come back to the office? Employees have a safer option at home, so offices need to make the commute worth it. Create a space that is inviting, clean, bright, and has perks that an employee won’t get at home. Whether that’s a workout space or a meal delivered, think about what your office might see as an asset and reason to come in.


Technology will play a pivotal role in enhancing the workspace experience. Upcoming trends include digital signage to help employees navigate the space as well as keep up to date with guidelines. In addition, employees may need to register ahead of time to reserve their desks, and data tracking will be important to manage the number of people. Lastly, internet bandwidth will be crucial as zoom calls will likely continue for a while. Make sure all technology is reliable and exceptional, as this is a major draw that employees may not be able to get at home.

Collaboration and Connection

Collaboration, social interaction, as well as experiencing the company culture, are all reasons employees will come back into the office. The office’s primary function is to serve as a place where teams can collaborate. Design the space and environment in this way and plan safe events where employees can be welcomed to develop that personal connection they may have lost over the past few months.

All in all, a hybrid approach returning to the workspace is the future. Employees will be going in some days and remote on others. Allow employees the option to work from home while also creating a space where they can work productively, feel supported, and interact (safely) with other employees to foster culture and collaboration.

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