What’s a Virtual Office? Take a Page Out of the Entrepreneur Handbook


December 30, 2019

In 1975, Bill Gates started Microsoft as a college drop out with a friend in his garage.

Jeff Bezos launched Amazon in 1994, starting out as an online bookstore. The company was first running out of his garage.

Sarah Blakely, owner of Spanx and now worth 1.1 billion, first ran her company out of her apartment.

Ever heard of Google? The search and ranking software initially started as a project in a dorm room. It’s first big expansion went from dorm room to a friend’s garage.

Apple? Steve Job’s parents’ garage.

Disney? Walt Disney’s Uncle’s garage.

The list goes on and on and on.

Success Starts Small

To become a big, groundbreaking company transforming your industry, you don’t have to start out in a big, groundbreaking sized office. Large overhead and hard leases are the opposite of what any young business needs to thrive.

However, many entrepreneurs want or will need to establish a more professional presence as they grow. This means a business address in a respected area and meeting rooms not in your dining room.

This is where being a business owner in 2020 comes in handy. We have the technology and the flexibility to work virtually from any location while having a presence in a desirable location minus the costs.

What is a Virtual Office for 500?

A virtual office is a service allowing both employees and business owners to work remotely while being based at an office location without having an actual office space there.

Essentially, you can have a prime address in a DC office where you receive your mail and host meetings, all while working from home.

The service provides:

  • A reputable business address
  • A receptionist to handle mail
  • Access to meeting rooms when and if you need them
  • Phone answering service add-on. This allows you to not have to give your personal cell number and establish a professional business presence.

Additionally, as you grow, you have the option to expand and rent a physical office space. Truly, establishing a virtual office is a huge step forward in the growth of your business.

Flexible Growth

District Offices’ goal is to allow entrepreneurs and business owners the breath to grow as they need to. You should be able to create a professional business presence without taking on more overhead than a young company can survive.

Step into Our Virtual Office

Virtual offices are the perfect in-between of the company ran in a garage to a large office space downtown. It allows you to establish a professional presence for yourself and your growing company more quickly and with fewer costs than ever before.

Take your company forward today. Establish a virtual office and see your business and your brand thrive.

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