Why You Should Choose a District Office Space to Work on Your RFP

Where you work shapes your output, opportunities, and culture. If you’re working on an RFP (Request for Proposal) or GovGon proposal, choosing District Offices as your workplace will put you ahead of the curve. Here’s why it’s to your benefit to consider our coworking, private office, or meeting spaces when developing your RFP.

Proximity and Convenience

Be at the heart of it all. With locations in Farragut, Georgetown, Pennsylvania Avenue, and Capitol Hill, District Offices is located where you need to be – and where the decision makers call home. Conveniently positioned close to transit and major connectivity hubs, you’ll be able to easily gather your team and other key stakeholders and get to work. Additionally, our flexible workspaces, convenient working hours, and bookable meeting and conference rooms mean that your team can deliver quality results in the way that works for you. Need more space? Just let us know, and we can help you plan out the space you need while crafting your proposal – and when you land the contract.

Amenities and Support

Streamline your project proposal experience with District’s highly amenitized workspaces and full-service support. From tech troubleshooting to printing to call forwarding and answering, we help handle the day-to-day admin so that you can focus on the high-value work that will result in more contracts won. Whether you choose a “drop-in” membership, use a private office, or opt for a meeting or conference room space, we’ll deliver the care and support you need to elevate your efforts.

CBE Contracting Perks

Businesses headquartered in DC can receive CBE certification – meaning such businesses receive preference when it comes to District of Columbia procurement opportunities. By taking advantage of our offices, your organization can meet the requirements for becoming CBE certified. Not only will you have a great place to work on your RFP, but you’ll be sent to the front of the pack for local contracting opportunities.

Work on your RFP at District Offices

Ready to get your RFP over the line – and have a space ready to go when you land that contract? Talk to the team at District Offices. We can help you choose the right location and office for your needs and even help you get your ducks in a row so that you can become CBE certified. For more information about how we can help you create the conditions for RFP success, talk to us today!


Contact us to discuss your needs, book a tour, or secure the perfect space for your business.


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