Finding Work-Life Balance Through Wellness

Being go-getters, self-starters, innovators, and disruptors often mean long hours at the office – and very little downtime. Making a habit of burning the midnight oil can have a negative impact on your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. 

Here’s how to get it all done while carving out time for yourself.

1. Kick off the Day with Something Other than Work

If the first thing you do in the morning is to check your emails, it’s time for a change. Help reduce stress by taking as little as fifteen minutes to stretch, meditate, journal, sketch, or take the dog for a walk. If your home environment isn’t conducive to reducing stress, District Offices has just what you need. Get in an early-morning workout in our fully equipped gym, or ride in and stow your bike in our bicycle storage area. We even offer quiet spots where you can meditate or focus on your breathing.

2. Actually Take Your Lunch Break

Habitually working through your lunch break is a recipe for burnout. Commit to stepping away from your desk for an hour. Go for a stroll around the city, squeeze in a quick workout, read a book on the rooftop terrace, or hang out in the kitchen and chat with your fellow coworkers. At District Offices, we have on-site amenities that support your lunch break efforts – and we can even handle calls that come in while you’re out. Plus, our central location means that there are great restaurants and cafes just steps away – so get out and explore!

3. Plan Some After-Work Fun

Do you log off for the day, head home, work some more, then go to bed? If that routine sounds painfully familiar, it’s time to refocus the day around your own needs and interests. Strive for activities that help refill your different “wells” – whether those relate to social, creative, fitness, or personal growth. At District Offices, we offer a rich list of event programming for our members. We’re also centrally positioned, making it easy for you to head to your post-work activity or event.

4. Step Out When You Need It

You don’t have to push through stress or overwhelm. At District Offices, we have a diversity of workspaces that can adapt to your needs, so there’s always somewhere to escape. With our virtual office and on-site admin solutions, we can even help with day-to-day tasks- such as package collection, phone answering, and meeting coordination. By getting those tasks off your plate, you’ll have more time to focus on what matters most.

5. Set Boundaries Around Work

Allow yourself to detach from work. Embrace hybrid or remote working and enjoy the freedom of not being at your desk. Put your phone on airplane mode outside of working hours and try to only send or respond to calls or emails during your regular 9-5. The more you commit to this, the more you’ll train clients and team members to only contact you during these times. At District Offices, we offer virtual office solutions that can help you reclaim your time – and your work-life balance. 

Ready to Reclaim Your Work-Life Balance?

If you’re ready to embrace a positive work-life balance while seamlessly incorporating wellbeing into your daily routine, contact District Offices. Centrally located, fully amenitized, and with all the perks you need to live your best life, we can help you work at your most productive – while also giving you back the time you need for yourself and the others in your life. For more information about our DC office spaces, get in touch!


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