Recruiting Tips for Small Businesses

The success of your small business relies on having happy customers – and employees. And the latter usually entails the former. In this challenging time of worker shortages, here’s how to ensure that your small business continues to attract top talent.

Build an Appealing Company Culture

Today’s employees don’t just want any job. They want work that’s meaningful and aligned with their beliefs and values. They want to know that their knowledge, passion, and expertise are valued and that their voice, opinions, and goals matter. A small but mighty culture-forward company that’s mission-driven and people-centric will always attract more interest than a corporate monolith in the same niche.

You can build a great company culture by:

  • Defining your purpose and mission
  • Developing company-wide standards, values, and message
  • “Walking the walk” of your brand
  • Inviting staff to “buy-in” as brand ambassadors
  • Treating your employees well

Lead With Flexibility

Few professionals want to work a 9-5 where every day is the same. Fortunately, as a small business, you’ve got a variety to offer in spades. In smaller businesses, employees tend to wear various hats, allowing them to try out new things, upgrade their skill sets, take on rewarding responsibilities, and keep their days challenging and interesting. Combine the opportunity to embrace the new and different with flexible working, flexible hours, and parenting or childcare accommodations, and you’ll pique the interest of highly sought-after talent.

You can create a flexible work environment by:

  • Offering telecommute or hybrid work arrangements
  • Offering “snowbird” arrangements where workers spend the summer or winter season working in more pleasant environments
  • Offering compressed or flexible work weeks
  • Offering part-time or job-share opportunities

Don’t Skimp on Perks and Benefits

With the boundaries between work and leisure increasingly blurred, people are looking for more out of their job – and their workplaces. Perks and benefits improve job satisfaction, ward off burnout, boost employee culture, and reduce attrition. Go beyond the usual benefits of paid leave, affordable health insurance, and a 401K match with perks that help your employees live well, stay healthy, and keep their minds sharp.

Some great perks and benefits include:

  • Paid parking or transit passes
  • Free meals and coffee on-site
  • Mental health days and counseling
  • Gym and fitness passes
  • Discounts, rewards, and bonuses
  • Training and tuition support
  • Company equity

Offer An Unbeatable Workspace

Finally, a high-quality workplace is vital if you’re trying to entice great employees back to in-person working after more than a year of WFH. Job seekers will pay attention to workplaces that are centrally located, easy to get to, and surrounded by sought-after retail, dining, and culture. They’ll also want to skip the cubicle farms in preference of modern spaces designed for contemporary work experiences and rounded out with on-site amenities that make work both easier and more fulfilling. For small businesses, competing with large organizations with traditional corporate offices can be challenging. But that’s where flexible workspaces like District Offices come in.

We’re proud to offer amenities including:

  • Bicycle storage spaces and private parking
  • Rooftop terraces and breakout spaces
  • On-site cafes
  • Professionally designed interiors
  • Flexible workspaces
  • Board and conference rooms
  • State-of-the-art plug and play tech
  • A variety of central D.C. locations
  • and more!

Boost Your Recruiting Efforts with a District Offices Address

If your small business is competing with major organizations for top talent, try the above tips – and don’t discount the value of an incredible workplace. At District Offices, we work around the clock to deliver world-class workspaces that boost productivity and engagement for businesses of all sizes. If your current address doesn’t measure up, talk to us about claiming a space at one of our centrally located D.C. addresses today.



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