5 Effective Tips for Onboarding Your New Hires

Onboarding New Hires

July 18, 2022

Congratulations on your new hire! You’re both anxious to make their first day a good one. Here are some simple onboarding steps for helping your new hire hit the ground running.

Start Them Early

Provide your new hire with essential information- such as a “welcome kit” with your handbook, company merch, org charts, key contacts, and any day-to-day information in the weeks leading up to their start date. That way, they won’t be drowning in the information or feeling behind from the get-go.

Meet and Greet

Make it a point for you and your immediate team members to visit your new hire’s desk (or Zoom into their home office if they’re a remote hire).  Share information about their role, who they report to, what the expectations are, and how they’ll be working with other team members. This will help your new hire put faces to names – as well as figure out where they fit within the organization.

Assign a Buddy or Mentor

Having someone to reach out to with questions can be a great way to create transparency and help your new hire get off to a good start. This type of relationship will help your new hire make friends, form connections, give them access to their mentor’s institutional knowledge and will also give them culture-appropriate behaviors to model.

Sort out Tech ASAP

Have your IT team set up your new hire’s desktop or laptop, mobile devices, as well as ensure they have logins for any cloud-based software.  Communication, connection, and networking is key.

Keep Checking In!

Schedule regular check-ins with your new hire to see how they’re faring and encourage them to ask questions or seek help. Over time, your new hire’s needs will change, so be there for them when challenges arise. Soon enough, they’ll be the one onboarding your next team member!

Let District Offices Streamline your Onboarding Process

At District Offices, we have everything in place to help your new hire feel right at home.  Our culture-forward environment, welcoming reception staff and on-site tech whizzes make balancing work and life a breeze.  We’ll ensure your new hire hits the ground running – and smiling. Whether you’re looking for a hot desk for a hybrid worker, or you’re expanding your footprint with us, get in touch!

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