Collaboration Makes Our World Go Round

Collaboration Makes Our World Go Round

August 8, 2023

Humans are social creatures. We’re at our best when we can talk with like-minded people, bounce ideas, share our dreams, and just, well, hang out. And while there’s a convenience to being able to handle all of our daily life stuff without leaving the house, we definitely lose something in the mix. If you’re finding that staring at Microsoft Teams or Tweeting up a storm just isn’t cutting it anymore, it might be that you need to recharge your social, creative, and professional batteries with an in-person get together. Don’t believe us? Here’s why workplace collaboration is so great.

Why We Love Collaboration

We could talk about the benefits of collaboration all day, but here are our top reasons for meeting and working in person instead of through a screen:

  • You appreciate your work – and team. Working alone, it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. But working alongside like-minded people towards a shared goal makes you refocus on the “why” of your work – and can help refuel your passion.
  • Skip the miscommunications. It’s easy to misinterpret tone over email – or for something important to get missed. When working together in person, you can quickly get to the bottom of a situation and promptly course correct if needed. Plus, it’s far easier and more effective to resolve conflict in person.
  • Know your teammates! Face time is vital for getting to know your teammates, their goals, strengths, and motivating forces. When you work alongside each other, you build deeper workplace bonds and shared loyalty – things that are hard to achieve over Slack.
  • Easily share feedback. The feedback loop is much faster when you work next to someone than over email. If something needs to be addressed, working in person makes it easy to share your thoughts and work together to develop a solution. (Plus, others can do the same with you – helping you reflect on your processes and grow professionally.)
  • Learn from each other. There’s only so much learning you can do in a vacuum. When you’re in a collaborative environment, you can quickly pick up on other people’s ways of approaching problems or streamlining processes. You might also learn a ton of domain knowledge and new skills outside the usual scope of your work – which is great for your career goals!
  • Create an inclusive environment. Businesses that reflect the diverse nature of our world are better at meeting the needs of that world. A room of colleagues who represent diverse backgrounds and experiences is more likely to come up with innovative, culturally nuanced, and market-centric solutions that consider the global perspectives needed today.
  • Think beyond work! Working with other humans means you’ll spend time chatting about things that aren’t work. This is important not just for creating genuine relationships with your colleagues but also for helping achieve work-life balance.

As you can see, we’re fans of collaboration, which is why we’ve painstakingly crafted our workspaces to make it easy to connect – no matter how you and your team like to do things.

Get Collaborative at District

At District Offices, we know that people work better when they’re in an environment that makes collaboration an option – which is why we’ve woven collaboration into everything we do (while still being mindful of your “you” time)! When you visit us, you can enjoy working from a diversity of thoughtfully appointed spaces, including private offices, our open “collaborative” spaces, meeting rooms or event spaces, or even in one of our outdoor areas. And since our locations are strategically located in areas replete with shopping and dining, you can even take your collaborative efforts to your favorite local coffee shop or restaurant!

Ready to get collaborative? Host your next meeting or scrum session at District Offices!


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