Put a Mid-Year Review on Your Agenda

Mid Year Review

July 28, 2022

The slower summer months are ideal for planning that big year-end finish. Instead of waiting for the year to wrap up to see how you’re doing, take stock now with a mid-year review. Mid-year check-ins are a great opportunity to measure achievement, identify challenges, and develop action plans that can help you see out the end of the year in a way that exceeds expectations. Here’s what to know. 

Mid Year Reviews Drive End of Year Performance

Taking time off for the summer may mean spending the rest of the year putting out fires. In contrast, taking the time to conduct a mid-year review puts you back in the driver’s seat – and allows you to take advantage of opportunities instead. 

Some of the benefits of a mid year review include:

More Time to Act

If you want to make changes or have some big shifts on the horizon, you’ll have the rest of the year to get your ducks in a row.

Getting the Jump on the Competition

Immediately act on some of the takeaways from your mid-year review to come out ahead of any competitors taking the summer off.

Data to Course-Correct

If the ground is shifting under your feet (for better or worse), a mid-year review is a good opportunity to reassess how well your achievements are aligned with your goals and where changes can be made.

Checking in with your Team

Don’t wait until those end-of-year performance reviews to talk to your team. Mid-year is a great opportunity to see how they’re faring and whether your company culture is where you want it to be.

Inspire your Staff

A mid-year meeting is a chance to motivate your staff to push through with their all. Set new goals or challenges that can keep them inspired to work at their best, even as the year winds down.

Grab Those Opportunities

Sometimes end-of-year is too late to act on an opportunity. Instead of waiting until your year-end meeting to propose a new plan or campaign, act while the opportunity is still there.

What to Cover in Your Mid Year Review

A mid-year review should look at how your company is performing in terms of its overall – or incremental – goals. Depending on those goals, your review might cover:

Budget Allocation

How is your organization faring in terms of its budget? Assess cash flow and any tax obligations. Take into account inflation, unexpected costs, and increased subscriptions or leases. Look at ways you can get costs back under control, such as by streamlining SaaS responsibilities or shifting your office address or client meetings to a coworking space.

Goals and Strategies

Assess where you are in your goals and whether your goals – and the strategies you’re using to achieve them – are still relevant. Maybe your vision has evolved, or you’ve gained a major client. Maybe your expensive marketing campaign isn’t delivering. Now is a good time to move forward or turn the tables.

Customer Acquisition and Retention

Reflect on your customer or client cohort. Is your business too heavily weighted towards a single client or segment? Have you lost or gained clients? Review your acquisition and retention strategies to ensure your business is well balanced and designed for longevity.

Employee Performance

Gauge employee performance, address roadblocks, adjust goals if needed, and make time to speak with managers or team members about any concerns or ideas. This helps ensure that everyone is on the same page – and well-placed to pass their year-end review with flying colors. 

District Offices is Here for Your Business Needs

Whether you need a central, professional setting to conduct your mid-year review, or your review has revealed that shifting to a virtual office or coworking space might be the right solution for your organization, talk to the team at District Offices. Our thoughtfully appointed, strategically located workspaces and meeting rooms have what you need to ensure your business finishes out the year in strong form. 

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