(Fund)Raise the Roof: Things to Consider in an Office Space for Your Nonprofit

As a nonprofit, it’s vital to be a thoughtful steward of funds. The closer eye you can keep on your overhead, the more resources you can funnel toward putting good into the world. One of the major costs of running a nonprofit in a traditional office space – a potentially large, fixed cost that can take a large bite out of your bottom line. If you’re looking to dial in your overhead while providing a central, appealing place to raise funds and spread the word about your work, a coworking space is the answer. Here’s how they can meet your ever-evolving needs.

Keep Your Overhead in Plain Sight

Traditional office leases are expensive, inflexible, and long-term. At a coworking space like District Offices, you regain control over your office costs. Choose the space that works for you – whether it’s a desk in a shared office or a private office – and on terms that make sense for your budget. Working from a coworking space, you don’t need to plan ten years in advance. Instead, you can take things as they come and scale up or down as your nonprofit needs. This allows you to focus more on your work and less on staying afloat.

Give Your Team an Inspiring Place to Work

The right space can help your team focus on their mission. Whether you work remotely and need a place to gather on occasion, want to embrace hybrid working, or are looking for a full-time place to land, coworking spaces like those at District Offices can motivate your team to achieve new heights of success. Choose a space that suits your team’s size, personalize it to suit your brand identity, and take advantage of our endless on-site perks, such as outdoor areas, call and mail handling, and lounge areas. At District, we’ve chosen our spaces with convenience and proximity in mind. You’ll find yourself strategically located close to transit, hotels, restaurants, and all the spaces that the movers and shakers – and donors – inhabit.

Book an On-Demand Space for Fundraising Campaigns

Fundraising is core to the longevity of your nonprofit – and the impact you can make. While fundraising happens all year round, there are certain times when you’ll want to focus wholeheartedly on donation drives. These include Giving Tuesday, the holiday period, and timely events that relate to your nonprofit. Working from a coworking space allows you the flexibility to temporarily ramp up your office footprint while you make those outbound calls, take incoming donations, or plan and strategize to ensure that your campaign is a success. At District Offices, we offer private offices and on-demand meeting room hire so that you can choose the space that works for you when it matters most. We also offer a wealth of large event spaces for those all-important fundraising functions.

Meet Your Fundraising Goals at District Offices

Setting up shop in a flexible office space is an empowering moment for any nonprofit – large or small. Whether you’re after a single desk, a dedicated office, or an on-demand event space to meet clients or host fundraisers, we have everything you need to make it happen. Our flexible terms let you pay for only what you need so that you can focus on raising funds and delivering on your promises. With a variety of central locations to choose from, you’ll be perfectly positioned to meet with the people who can help take your efforts to the next level. For more information about working at District Offices, get in touch today!


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