How Your Workspace Influences Your Company’s Recruitment and Retention

Recruitment and Retention

July 7, 2021

Workspaces have a significant effect on companies in a variety of ways. They impact employee happiness and productivity and are seen as a perk when a candidate considers where they choose to work. 

While there are many things to consider when selecting the ideal workspace, it’s important to know how much a workspace weighs on new hires and how long an employee stays. This information reinforces the value a good workspace provides and why it’s a profitable investment. Let’s explore the ways a workspace influences your company’s recruitment and retention in 2021. 

New Hires 

Branding is important. So are salaries and benefits. But don’t underestimate the type of work environment that your new hire may be looking for. Do you have amenities that will provide value? Have you considered the employees’ needs? 

Conduct research and design a workspace with your current and future employees in mind. This may become a determining factor in a candidate’s decision or a current employee that’s being approached by another company. 

Flexibility in 2021 

At District Offices, we offer private offices, coworking spaces, virtual offices, and dedicated desks. Today flexibility is of great importance. Some employees may be comfortable coming back into the office, while others may prefer a hybrid approach. Think critically about what you can offer your new and or as well as current employees. Consider choices that empower them and help them realize fl that your company has their best interests at heart. 


What does your current retention tell you? What do your employees enjoy about their workspace? What would they like to change? Survey employees to gather data on their office space needs. Then adjust accordingly. Periodically checking on employee’s workspace needs is essential in keeping a great retention rate. 

Include Human Resources 

Human Resources has valuable knowledge about the employees’ needs and is an awesome resource to engage with when designing or improving workspace. Make sure to lean on them when deciding about the future of your workspace. 

Alignment & Benefits

Aligning all aspects of your workspace can lead to better recruitment and retention rates. Consider how alignment, workspace, and employee retention can improve the overall morale and growth of your company. 

District Offices is happy to help you create a workspace that positively affects your company’s recruitment and retention. Get in touch! 

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