Office Amenities That Inspire Amazing Outcomes

We’ve all seen the stats that show that when you’re engaged and fulfilled at work, you’re more productive, more on task, and more productive. The good news is that simply setting up shop in the right environment can help give all of those positive performance metrics a boost.

If you’re struggling to get things done at home but are dreading returning to a windowless cubicle, now’s the time to switch things up for a considered, amenitized workplace that helps you easily move through your day by anticipating your every need.

Here are some of the top productivity-boosting amenities your next office space should offer.

A Well-Stocked Grab-and-Go Food Area

The water cooler is passe, and so is nibbling a forlorn sandwich at your desk. When choosing your future office space, make sure it offers a kitchen or cafe area. Having access to quality coffee, a variety of snacks and treats, and a cozy place that actually invites you to step away from your desk is hugely beneficial to your wellbeing and productivity. An on-site kitchen or cafe will inspire you to make the most of your breaks – and can be a laid-back option for casual meetings or collaboration.

On-Site Productivity-Boosting Services

Taking calls, bringing in the mail, and keeping an eye out for visitors can all throw a wrench in your day’s productivity. When returning to the office, scout for a workplace that offers convenient admin support so that you can focus on the high-value tasks you’re here for. At District Offices, we’re pleased to offer greeting services, assistance with admin, package delivery, and even handy on-demand extras such as notary and phone answering services.

Meeting and Conference Room Access

If you’ve been working from home this past year, you’ve realized just how important meeting and conference rooms are for presenting, collaborating, and brainstorming. When choosing your next workplace, make sure it’s one that offers a variety of spaces for meeting with clients, investors, or colleagues. Having access to a fully equipped, connected meeting space will simplify proceedings – and allow you to push forward with what matters.

A Full Calendar of Events

One thing we’ve all missed during lockdown is the ability to mingle with like-minded professionals at talks, demonstrations, or professional development events. These gatherings are critical to our ability to network, expand our skills, and take in new perspectives. When choosing your next office address, look for one committed to building culture and capacity through an engaging roster of events.

Neighborhood as Amenity

Finally, when considering office space, take into account its location. A well-located office space can leverage the offerings of its surrounding neighborhood as an amenity. For example, at District Offices, our tenants enjoy seamless access to transit, dining, retail, fitness spaces, event spaces, and even accommodation. Anything that isn’t found directly on-site is mere steps away – providing unrivaled convenience.

Talk to Us About Our On-Demand Office Spaces

We spend 8+ hours a day at work, so let’s commit to making our workplace somewhere enriching, fulfilling, and collaborative. At District Offices, we offer coworking spaces, dedicated desks, and private offices in fully amenitized, strategically positioned locations in the heart of D.C. With access to a full suite of amenities both on-site and in the surrounding neighborhood, you’ll have everything you need to thrive from 9-5 and beyond. For more information about what we offer, get in touch!



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