The Central Importance of Workplace Amenities Post-COVID

For some organizations, enticing workers to return to the office after a year of working from home has been no easy feat. Employees have become accustomed to having seamless access to comforts such as fully equipped kitchens, package pick-up, and quiet or outdoor spaces that allow them to take a breather from the demands of work.

As we return to in-person or hybrid models of working, contemporary workplaces need to keep up with workers’ shifting demands and expectations of the places they spend their 9-5. Here’s what workplaces need to offer to compete with the comfort and safety of home-based working.

Upgraded Health and Safety Offerings

The shift towards WELL certification and healthy building initiatives was happening prior to COVID-19, and the pandemic has underscored their importance. To succeed in the back-to-work market, contemporary workplaces need to offer a renewed emphasis on wellness and wellbeing. This includes upgraded ventilation and HVAC systems to improve air quality, smart and/or hands-free technology throughout the building, flexible seating arrangements that allow for social distancing, and seamless access to greenery and nature.

Time-Saving Concierge Services

Working from home means having the ability to quickly step away from your desk to perform essential admin and lifestyle tasks such as cooking, doing the laundry, paying bills, or signing for packages. Having an on-site concierge or support staff to take this administrative load off workers’ shoulders is an enormous value-add for staff. Services such as call forwarding, package pick-up and drop-off, nearby or on-site dry cleaning, and easy access to a kitchen or meal prep station can reduce the culture shock of returning to in-person working.

Wellness-Forward Amenities and Design

Fitness and wellness are top of mind in the wake of the pandemic. High-quality gyms and flexible fitness spaces appointed with varied equipment position workers to recharge and refresh – and manage stress through a healthy outlet. On-site changing and locker rooms, meditation spaces, and bike storage all greatly appeal to those who want to be able to easily fit in a work-out during the working day.

Spaces to Gather and Socialize

One of the major benefits that in-person working has over work-from-home is that it makes gathering and socializing far more accessible. Workplaces that offer designated spaces and carefully curated opportunities and events where people can meet, mingle and collaborate are hugely appealing to those who have spent the past year working alone and communicating primarily through virtual channels.

A Central, Convenient Location

Working from home has allowed employees to reclaim time previously spent commuting. To entice workers back to the office, businesses need to make the experience as convenient and worthwhile as possible. A central location close to transit and with easy access to key destinations, shops, restaurants, and attractions reduces commute time while also providing additional incentive to travel to work.

District Offices Foregrounds Amenities

At District Offices, we know that today’s workers expect their workplaces to deliver a holistic, all-in-one environment that exceeds every expectation. With our agile workspaces, upgraded services, on-site staff, and strategically positioned central D.C. locations, we offer a working environment to suit full-time, hybrid, and casual workers. For more information on how our workplaces can deliver the highly amenitized experience your team members expect – and at a fraction of the cost of doing the build-out yourself – get in touch.



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