What Amenities Should You Look for With Your Private Office?

When you’re looking for new private office space, you often consider location, size, and amenities. Most likely, you’re timing your commute, how much space you need (or want), and comparing the amenities the office space offers. The biggest struggle often comes when you’ve found a few offices in the right location, offer great space, are right in your budget, but don’t offer amenities. How do you decide which amenities matter? Here are a few we recommend:

24 Hour Office Availability

One of the benefits of having a private office space is that you can work whenever you need to – and sometimes that means beyond your typical working hours. Consider an office with 24-hour office availability, so you never have to rearrange your schedule to fit your office; instead, your office works with you.

Fast and Reliable Internet

It’s 2022, and if your potential private office space does not offer fast and reliable internet, then they are not the one for you. It’s an added bonus if they offer a private network with dedicated bandwidth.

On-Site Staff

Offices with on-site staff ensure that your guests never experience an awkward “waiting” stage and instead are directed to where they need to go, whether to your office or waiting room. Staff provided by the offices should also cover basic requests and ensure daily professional cleaning of the office space.

Meeting Room Access

For when your office space is not enough, having meeting rooms available by the day or hour can greatly assist when you need to bring team members together. This also ensures that you do not need to travel mid-day to another office or workspace, saving time and money.

Your private office space should also offer access to business-class printers and scanners – both for daily use and when you need extra copies for your team members.

Full Kitchen Access

It’s definitely worth the extra time to look into whether your potential private office space offers clean, full kitchen access. Think lunch, breakfast, mid-work snacks, and possibly late-night work dinners that you can make – and then head back into your private office to finish your work.

At District Offices, we offer complimentary coffee & tea too.

Fully Furnished Private Office Spaces

The last thing you want to worry about is furnishing your private office space. Look for an office space that comes fully furnished, ideally with different sized space options to suit your needs. You should also inquire if they offer additional desks just in case you need one in the future.

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