Work Productivity: The Impact of a Workspace on Your Performance


October 7, 2020

Efficient working isn’t about working harder: it’s about working smarter. One critical yet often overlooked element of productivity is not how we work, but where we work. Though our workspaces play a vital role in how effectively, creatively, and collaboratively we work, studies indicate that only 57% of workers feel that their workspace is set up accordingly. And with many of us now working from home in less-than-ideal circumstances, that number is likely to be even lower again. With productivity closely linked to employee satisfaction, it’s vital that employers take steps to create workspaces for optimal working.

A Dedicated Workspace Fosters Focus

By now, we all know that multitasking isn’t as effective as we’d like to believe. The same is true of workspaces. Working from the kitchen table or a coffee shop may suffice in a pinch, but maintaining focus is far more difficult in a space built for an entirely different purpose.

In contrast, a dedicated workspace offers consistency, access to your work essentials, and separation from the other facets of your life. It allows you to put on your professional’s hat and settle in for a session of unbroken, uninterrupted productivity. When your workspace is set up for work, you get to be first and foremost at work, not simply somewhere attempting to work.

Functional Design Drives Work Performance

However, not all workspaces are created equally. A dedicated space is only as good as the environment in which it exists. In poorly designed workplaces, workers are interrupted as often as every 11 minutes, resulting in poor performance and productivity. However, intuitive design and careful space planning can reduce the need to move around, go looking for items or ask for help.

Along these same lines, your workspace should carefully balance the many factors and demands of present-day working, ensuring that your needs as an individual – or a team – are met. Appropriately sized workspaces, ergonomic furniture, suitable lighting, ample greenery, vibrant amenities, noise minimization, up-to-date technology, and access to a variety of specialized meetings and collaboration options all play a role in helping you work at optimal efficiency.

Spaces to Help You Work

Your workspace should be designed to make your working day easier, not harder. District Offices takes a holistic approach to workspace design, offering state-of-the-art environments in the heart of D.C. designed to help you work.

From dedicated desks to private offices and meeting spaces, our superb amenities and conveniently located workspaces are thoughtfully appointed to foster the kind of performance that’s visible on your bottom line. For more information about our dedicated workspaces, please get in touch.

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