Compliance and Security in Flex Offices Spaces

The demand for flex space is on the rise–and so are expectations around the security and compliance those spaces offer. As a flexible office company primarily based in DC, District Offices caters to GovCon and tech workers who are keenly aware of the importance of physical and digital security. Falling short of compliance can mean lost clients or lost contracts, which is why we take security as seriously as you do.

We Keep Your Workspace Safe

At District Offices, we’re mindful that you may be working with proprietary information–or even state secrets. That’s why we take extra precautions with physical safety and security. Secure building access, lobby attendant, front desk staff, and lockable offices and cabinets mean that your hard work will only be seen by the eyes who are authorized to see it. We take every step possible to ensure that not only do personnel feel safe and comfortable, but that personal belongings and sensitive documents are protected – whether you’re out for lunch or out of the office. If you have special security or compliance needs, talk to our team about designing an access plan that defines access paths, offers key management and object control, and allows you to pull an audit trail upon request

We’re Selective with Our Tenants

Your neighbors are key to your security. At District Offices, we know that our tenant mix and occupancy rates form a vital metric in the safety and security of our spaces. While hotdesking visitors are welcome, we maintain privacy through key systems, private offices, and meeting rooms, separate tech networks, and occupancy maximums. We also take precautions with call answering and forwarding, printing, and visitors to ensure that your sensitive information remains that way. Any events we hold are also run with tenant safety in mind – so you can rest easy knowing that your space is secure at any time of day, no matter what’s going on.

Our Tech is Under Lock and Key

In a connected world, tech protocols matter more than ever. Unsecured or unstable connections can compromise the privacy and integrity of your work – and may result in suboptimal performance or even lost contracts. At District Offices, we have a specialized team at hand to ensure that our systems deliver state-of-the-art connectivity and security. We offer safe internet connections with an ethernet cord, secure analog fax lines, and speedy internet with unrivaled uptime, ensuring that you’re easily able to meet all safety and compliance protocols associated with your clients or projects. With us, there’s no need to worry about sensitive data being transmitted over open Wi-Fi networks or shared logins. You can customize, password protect, and compartmentalize your access to ensure that access is on a need-to-know basis.

Get a Turnkey Solution at District

At District Offices, we understand that you have high expectations of your workspace. You need a turnkey solution that checks all the safety, security, and compliance boxes to keep your tech or GovCon clients satisfied – and a people-forward place that fosters productivity, creativity, and belonging. Across our multiple locations, we offer the tech-enabled infrastructure you require to ensure business continuity and compliance without the challenge of building and maintaining your own security protocols. Ready to work confidently and securely from one of our sought-after locations in the heart of DC or Crystal City? Talk to us today!


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