Breaking Barriers: How Flex Spaces Are Redefining Work Environments

Remote working has become the new normal. Overall, workers love it, but managers, not so much… But before you mandate an unpopular full-time return-to-office mandate for your team, consider the perfect balance between home and office work: coworking flex spaces. Here’s why flex working is a win for everyone.

Flex Spaces Offer a Sense of Community

Isolation is one of the major downsides of work-from-home policies. Employees who permanently work from home may struggle to connect with other team members or end up operating in a silo. When communication happens on a remote, scheduled basis, managers can also find it difficult to gauge how team members are feeling or performing. However, flex working provides a refreshing solution by bringing the team together and fostering improved communication, regular check-ins, and even the opportunity to build strong relationships among team members.

Flex Spaces Provide Essential Amenities

Home offices can be a reasonable substitute most of the time – but not all the time. Sometimes it’s impossible to take uninterrupted calls or meet with team members or clients. Maybe you need access to a specific piece of equipment or tech to meet a deliverable, and it’s not happening at home. Coworking spaces can solve all these problems. At District Offices, we offer a full roster of amenities, resources, and meeting rooms to help your company perform at its best.

Flex Spaces Offer Much-Needed Structure

Some people are intrinsically motivated, while others thrive on structure and routine. The professional environment of a coworking space helps people feel “at work” and provides a way to separate someone’s working life from their personal one. For some team members, the ability to show up to an office at set times helps put them in a “work” mindset – without the distractions of home.

Flex Spaces Facilitate Networking

They say it’s not what you know but who you know. The problem is, when you’re working from home, the “who” ends up being your dog or the DoorDash delivery person. Having access to a coworking space filled with like-minded professionals in your field or in others can help open doors, expose people to new ideas and concepts, offer powerful professional development opportunities, or even help you land new projects or clients. District’s diverse pool of tenants, combined with our friendly culture and busy events calendar, means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with all the right people!

Flex Spaces Can be a Hiring Perk

If you’re hiring someone on a remote or hybrid basis, they’ll want to know about any future “return to office” plans. Having access to a company office or membership at District Offices means that your prospective workers can feel confident that you’ve considered the changing face of work – and that you’re willing to meet them on the terms that work for them. Additionally, our beautifully appointed, well-located spaces close to transit, shopping, restaurants, and more can even make those days they come into the office the highlight of their week.

Ready to Get Flexy?  Talk to District Offices.

At District Offices, we’re all about people, place, and productivity. Our strategically positioned coworking spaces offer endless professional amenities, as well as a variety of ways to work, meet, brainstorm, and collaborate. Whether you’re looking to get your team together for quarterly catchups, Fun Fridays, or just whenever they want to see an actual human, we’ve got the space to suit. For more information about our private offices and memberships, get in touch today!

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