Top 3 Financial Reasons to Choose a Coworking Space for your Business

There’s no denying the landscape of business has changed significantly in the last decade. The way we do business is more flexible than ever, and not only the way we do business, but where. People are no longer bound to a desk in a remote corner office of a downtown building. More startups and people are working for themselves, and those people are actively choosing to make their business flexible and sustainable, so that even a company with a small budget can thrive and survive, even while traveling! Keep reading for our top financial reasons you and your business should consider a coworking space.

Coworking Spaces are Highly Flexible

Coworking spaces have a range of pricing structures that can work for just about any business. It will cost you significantly less if you only need the facilities a couple of days a month, versus 24/7. However, even if you do want to rent the space 24/7, you’ll find it’s a lot less expensive than renting a traditional office.

In addition to being flexible in pricing, coworking spaces are also flexible in their commitment requirements. You don’t have to lock yourself into a yearlong office lease. And since many coworking facilities have multiple locations, you can hop between facilities depending on what area you’re working on that day. It’s always nice to have the luxury of changing up your environment on occasion, and coworking spaces offer exactly that!

Coworking Spaces Offer Lower Overhead

Since you’re paying for a membership, things like basic utilities are already included. Many coworking spaces also offer a variety of office amenities to choose from. Things like phone and fax services, mail services, answering services, printing services, and even built-in fitness and wellness areas you can take advantage of at some locations. There are usually communal areas and a kitchen too, where things like coffee, snacks, and drinks are provided as part of your membership dues.

Coworking Allows Your Business to Remain Nimble

Every company goes through changes as it grows. However, some companies struggle to keep up with growth because they are locked into inflexible terms on real estate. By utilizing coworking spaces, you can avoid fixed terms and expand or contract your needs on a short-term basis. That means if your company happens to be growing very fast, you can quickly scale up and move into a larger space and enter new markets with more ease. Coworking spaces reduce your requirements for direct space and allow you to utilize space-on-demand, a key feature for a growing company.

How to Choose a Coworking Space

First and foremost, think of which features matter most to you and your crew. Maybe you want lower costs, perhaps you want a premium location, or maybe you want potential collaboration opportunities. Maybe you just want to know whether the facility has a kitchen or not! Hey, coffee is life. Decide what you’re looking for and make a list. Then you can start comparing the features you want with what’s available in your local area.

You should also think about what kind of people already use the facility you’re considering. You want to surround yourself with professional people that are on a growth track.

Finally, don’t forget to think about security. In today’s economy, it’s just common sense to make sure your coworking facility is safe and that the people running the facility take security as seriously as you.


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