Virtual Office or Coworking Space: How to Choose?

These days, choosing office space no longer means renting that empty brick building on the street corner downtown. There are more flexible options now, like virtual offices and coworking. Although both of these are very different from a traditional office, they are also very different from each other.

They are often thought of as the same thing when they most definitely are not. They appeal to two different audiences, two different types of business owners. So, how do you know which is right for you and your business? Keep reading, my friend!


In a nutshell, you are sharing physical office space with other professionals in a coworking environment. The coworking space might look like a large lounge or office space with different stations set up for people to work at, or it might look like a series of rooms, all connected.

Coworking spaces come with typical office amenities, like WiFi, plus access to printers, fax machines, and scanners. Many have private rooms available for phone calls and meetings, and quiet places to work.

Coworking spaces are great for business executives who want the energy and sense of community that comes with working around other people. They want to escape the humdrum of working alone at home and avoid the significant costs of renting a traditional office.

Virtual Offices

The office itself is virtual so you can run your business from anywhere, but it comes with some of the bells and whistles a traditional office offers.

For example, you get a physical address to provide to your clients, a business phone number, as well as a receptionist and answering service to help field calls if you want them. You can even have business mail sent to your virtual office address and forwarded to you.

This plan also gives you the ability to rent a conference room, when you need to put your best foot forward when meeting a client. It’s an excellent option for small businesses and entrepreneurs that don’t want to invest in a traditional office yet still want to provide clients with a high level of professionalism.

Start-ups also love them as a stepping stone to launching their business and growing from there. Entrepreneurs that are concerned with their image and reputation (like lawyers starting a new practice) are also more likely to choose a virtual office over a coworking space.

Which Do You Choose?

The option best for you and your business depends on your needs and your budget. Pros and cons should be weighed carefully before making an investment. Contact us today and let us help you do just that. We can provide you with a no-obligation quote based on exactly what you need, nothing more, nothing less.


Contact us to discuss your needs, book a tour, or secure the perfect space for your business.


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