From Conventional to Cutting-Edge: Embracing Flex Spaces for Modern Work Environments

Flexible working has been a growing trend for well over a decade now. And after the boom in work-from-home habits during covid, flex spaces are now the new normal. If you’re launching a new office, expanding, or eyeing the end of your long-term commercial lease, transitioning to a flex office space such as a coworking hub can be a major win for worker satisfaction – and your bottom line. Here’s what to know.

Why It’s Time to Make the Move

The demand for flexible working spaces is at an all-time high globally, with surveys suggesting that 2024 levels will be up 158% from 2020 levels. This interest reflects numerous shifts in how we work, including:

  • Workforce demographic changes. Millennial and Gen Z workers expect work to be fulfilling across multiple dimensions and seek flexibility and opportunities for work-life balance. Flexible working spaces make this a breeze.
  • Workforce habit changes. Post-covid, workers are habituated to remote and hybrid work environments and want flexibility in when, where, and how they work. Many workforces are also increasingly distributed – meaning that a single, central office isn’t the way to go.
  • Focus on workplace culture. Workplace culture, branding, and values are top-of-mind, with modern businesses seeking to infuse these through every aspect of their operations – including their premises. This is much easier to do in a smaller, more nimble space than in a traditional corporate environment.
  • Increasing cost-awareness. Rapid shifts in the market mean that businesses need to keep a keen eye on expenses and be able to adapt quickly. Traditional commercial spaces come with expensive long-term leases and make scaling up and down challenging, whereas flexible workplaces such as coworking hubs build this flexibility into their business model.

All of these factors together are funneling workers and businesses towards modern, flexible workspaces that provide more than just a desk to work at. That’s where coworking comes in.

District’s Tips for Making the Transition

Whether you’re considering reworking your existing commercial space into a flexible working environment or looking to tap into the benefits of a coworking space long-term, here’s what to know.

  • Look for an existing coworking space. Reworking a commercial space into a flex space is doable but can be an expensive undertaking. If time and budget are considerations, look for existing coworking spaces, such as District’s that have been specifically outfitted to accommodate flexible working.
  • Choose a space suited to your needs. Seek out a space that reflects your brand, meets your staff’s needs, and offers great tech and proximity to key clients, facilities, or destinations. At District, we offer a variety of spaces and locations for this purpose – as well as different seating types and meeting room options.
  • Use coworking as a “stepping stone.” For many organizations, coworking is the perfect solution for those wanting a newer, more flexible space. But if you’re remodeling an existing space, coworking can make a great short-term solution – with tons of design inspiration!
  • Start small. If you’re a large organization, start by moving select individuals, teams, or functions into flex spaces. Determine who you’ll tap for these early moves based on work habits, personality, or role function – some will be better suited to flex and coworking than others.
  • Listen to your teams. Changing how and where you work is a major shift. Regularly check in with your team to see what they need from their workplace and how they’re finding the new space. This will help you course correct if needed or develop new processes and procedures that fuel worker satisfaction.

Ready to Level Up? Talk to District!

If you’re ready to make the shift to flexible working, District Offices is here to help. Whether you’re seeking a full-time, long-term space for a specific team or your whole organization, or you need a short-term coworking solution while you adapt your existing space, we have what you need. With a variety of modern, strategically located workplaces appointed with everything you need to work your way, we epitomize everything that’s great about flexible working. Just get in touch at or call 202.223.5200.


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