A Phone Answering Service Equals Money in Your Pocket


June 12, 2019

Hold the phone, that’s money calling!

We all know that first impressions matter for every business. Simply put, if you make a poor first impression, you don’t get a do-over. That impression is for life and may drive new customers right into the arms of your competition.

What makes an impression better than excellent customer service? Part of excellent customer service is ensuring that when customers and potential clients call, someone answers the phone. If no one answers, people assume you’re just “not that into them” and the business they are looking to provide. So, they move on to another business.

Missed calls mean missed opportunities and marketing dollars wasted. Your brand takes a hit, and the trust and rapport you’re trying to build with your customers’ nosedives. This decreases your customers lifetime value and you may lose out on future referrals.

Why is an Answering Service Important?

It’s estimated that in 2019, calls will influence more than $1 trillion dollars in consumer spending (Ibid.). According to Yahoo Small Business, 61% of customers want a phone number to call, and they believe that it’s important for a business to have. Meanwhile, 47% of people who search for a business using their mobile will move on and explore other brands if the business in question doesn’t have a phone number listed.

There’s nothing worse for customers than getting stuck in a round of phone tag or having to talk to a robot for 20 minutes before reaching an actual human. It’s frustrating and creates a gap between customer expectations and outcomes.

Benefits of an Answering Service

So, what does this mean for you and your business? Well, if you choose to use an answering service, that means it’s a real opportunity to help your business stand out. When you make an actual effort to provide good customer service, it’s noticed and appreciated by consumers.

You are also increasing the accessibility of your business, which is extremely valuable to people. They want to be able to pick up the phone and call their favorite businesses and actually speak to someone that can help them solve a problem. Businesses that offer this kind of accessibility by phone and online are achieving real results.

Making your business customer-centric is more vital now than ever because consumers want to feel as though they have a personal connection or relationship with your brand. It increases satisfaction, builds trust, and drives customer retention because connection is at the heart of great customer service.

By doing something as simple as having a real person answer your phone, you’ll reduce the number of calls that go to voicemail, and you’ll never miss a golden opportunity. Every single interaction between the customer and your business is a chance for you to impress them. Do you really want to waste that kind of opportunity?

Contact us today and discover how you can add personal, live phone answering services to your business line as an added amenity and put your best foot forward to your customers, every time.

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