Community Coworking Spaces – Building Community & Belonging

Working from home has plenty of pros. Productivity gets a boost, and so do your working hours. And your dog loves having the option of fetching all day. But after a while, most Work From Homers start to feel like they’re missing out on something. After all, humans are social creatures – yes, even self-proclaimed introverts. However, getting back into the habit of “peopling” doesn’t have to mean going back to your old corporate digs full-time. Coworking and flex spaces are a great way to find your community on your own terms.

How Community Coworking Spaces Builds Community and a Sense of Belonging

Remember What it Means to “People”?

One of the biggest perks of work-from-home life is being able to work uninterrupted. But there’s a balance: while workers love having their own space, they miss spending time around coworkers. And let’s face it, when you’re in your own company all day long, it’s easy for those social skills – and those all-important workplace soft skills – to get rusty. Good news: flexible working and coworking spaces bridge the gap between hermit life and being “always on.” You can pop into the office when you need your social fix, or you simply want to be around like-minded people. The good thing about flexible working is that it’s all on your terms – at District Offices, you can work when, where, and how you want. A private office you use once a week? Great! A desk in a boutique space where you put in a snappy 9-2? That’s fine, too. We even offer on-demand meeting and event spaces for when you want somewhere central and well-equipped to meet.

Let the Good Ideas Roll

No worker is an island, to paraphrase the famous quote. While it can be great to have time and space to create, review, finesse, or brainstorm, you can only get so far on your own. And Zoom and social media can’t replace the vibe and connection that comes with in-person networking and communing. No matter your field or area of expertise, you’ll benefit when you surround yourself with other creatives – and, importantly, people from other walks of life. If you want your work to accurately reflect the needs, interests, and commerce of today’s world, ensure that you’re in a place where you can take on board other perspectives, values, and experiences. At District, we’re proud to offer a variety of spaces across multiple addresses in one of the most diverse cities in the nation – one that’s regularly voted a top creative city as well.

Be Part of Something Bigger

Community gives us purpose. The people drawn to flex and coworking spaces tend to be professionally and socially compatible souls looking to take their work and their personal goals to the next level – and being around them is great for pushing yourself to do the same. When you’re a part of a workplace community, even if everyone is working on their own thing and in their own niche, you get to riff ideas, meet interesting people, head along to spontaneous after-work events, get the low-down on local and national conferences, and enjoy that warm glow that comes from supporting your peers in all that they do. The thing about coworking spaces is that the people create the culture: it’s a bottom-up approach, not a top-down one, as you might find in a typical corporate office. Not only that, but there’s an instant sense of community when you check in – whether that’s once a day or once a month.

Find Your People at District

If the WFH routine is starting to take a toll on your social and professional life, put yourself back in action at District Offices. With a variety of strategically located offices in DC and in National Landing-Crystal City, we offer everything you need to add some flex (and some people) to your work day. Whether you’re looking to simply be around others, to collaborate on a project, to network with pros in your field, or to add some events to your calendar, we’ve got what you need. Stop by one of our locations and see what we’re all about!


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