Virtual Receptionist Services – Answer the Call with District Offices

November 14, 2023

As a small business owner, every task falls on your shoulders! Hiring a receptionist to answer calls and do admin jobs may not be affordable. However, the downside of doing it all yourself is that you may easily drop the ball on important tasks such as arranging meeting rooms or returning phone calls. Small businesses currently miss a whopping 1 in 5 calls! At District Offices, we can help you work smarter as we offer full-time reception services for all our clients–virtual and dedicated.

You’ll Love Our Virtual Receptionist Services

At District Offices, we’re all about making life – and work – easy. Our virtual receptionist services mean that you’ll never have to worry about missed calls, forgotten printing, or returned packages. Just let our team know what you need, and we’ll ensure that you and your clients are taken care of. Ready to enjoy all of the benefits of a receptionist without having to go through the hiring process? Drop us a line today!

More Than Call Answering

Call answering is just one of the benefits all our clients enjoy. Our on-site receptionists will sign for packages and let you know if anything has arrived for you so that urgent documents aren’t sitting unread. Our services also support outgoing packages, saving you a trip to the post office.

Our reception staff is also available to greet your clients and direct them to the meeting room of your choice, which we can help you set up and tech troubleshoot! We’ll also handle day-to-day administrative tasks such as printing, filing, and IT support and will work with you to plan larger functions or get-togethers if needed. Perhaps most importantly, we make sure that the complimentary tea and coffee are always fully stocked for when you or your clients decide to stop by!
Whether you use us purely as a business address or whether you spend as much time in your private office as out of it, District Offices’ virtual reception services give you all the benefits of a full-time dedicated front-desk staff member – without the payroll expense!

District Is Here to Pick Up Your Phone

Never miss a call again. District Offices has a suite of trained, full-time receptionists available to take your inbound calls and forward them as needed. We even offer voicemail to email transcription so that you can get on top of any inbound calls at a glance. Have a specific script you’d like us to use? Just let us know, and our receptionists will tailor every call accordingly. Our goal is to be an extension of your business, no matter whether you’re working from home or in a private office at one of our impeccably located addresses.

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