Legal Meeting Space: Coworking Provides the Ultimate Amenities for Any “War Room” Session


November 20, 2019

If you’re a lawyer, it’s a sure bet you’ve heard the term “war room” before. It’s that special place where everyone on the litigation team gathers to hammer out details just before and during a courtroom trial, in a coordinated effort to present the best case possible. Though all war rooms are a little different, what doesn’t change is the fact that every war room is a high-pressure environment, with a lot going on.

It’s the central hub for the litigation team in the midst of trial and on any given day, you could walk in and see things like witness prep happening, trial rehearsals, graphic tweaks, and changes to judicial rulings in process. All geared for one goal—to win at court. A trial is high stakes, which means an effective war room has to be properly equipped so that everything can proceed smoothly.

What Makes a Great War Room?

Obviously, the biggest factor is a private place to meet. Coworking meeting spaces are excellent for just this purpose because let’s face it, not all law firms have the bandwidth for a war room. By renting a coworking meeting space, you can ensure you have a quiet, private place to gather with your litigation team before trial, without the costly overhead of running a large office with your own meeting rooms.

It’s also important that your war room is properly equipped with everything you might need. It’s a nightmare to have tech fail you in the midst of trial prep. By making sure your war room is well equipped, your staff can spend less time searching for WiFi and fax paper, and more time preparing for court. Think—comfy office chairs, high-speed internet, and large tables for everyone to gather around and hash out strategy. You shouldn’t have to hunt for the perfect spot for cell reception, and you should always have access to basic essentials like a fax machine, a printer, and a copy machine.

Amenities to Fuel Up

Did we mention coffee? Every war room must have access to good coffee. Coffee is life, right? Especially if you have to pull an all-nighter. Having access to good coffee means you need a kitchen with running water, and cabinets stocked with plenty of coffee, tea, sugar, and cream. A few snacks wouldn’t be remiss either, but the great thing about having a war room with access to a kitchen is you can bring in whatever food you like. Heck, you can even bring extra to share, because kitchens have refrigerators!

Not only do coworking meeting spaces offer all of these amenities and more, but they also offer extras, such as a dedicated staff member to assist you with whatever you might need during the trial. All of these things combine to make an attractive package of benefits that are invaluable for committed lawyers in the thick of courtroom strategizing and rehearsal. Mishaps and missteps that could be a crisis elsewhere, are merely a minor inconvenience in a good war room. District Office meeting spaces = your next war room! Reach out today and let us share with you all we have to offer.

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