How to Plan a Winningly Productive Offsite

Sometimes a change of place is a much-needed change of pace. With hybrid and remote working still the norm, gathering your team in person for an offsite meeting or team-building day is a great way to help everyone reconnect, realign and create those impactful action plans.

Here’s how to make your offsite a success.

Choose an Inspiring Setting

Location is everything. If you’re going to shake up your team’s schedule, do it in style – and in a space suited to your goals. For a focused brainstorming session, aim for a space that’s secluded yet appointed with all the mod cons. A setting that’s bright, open, and airy is great for team-building experiences, while a reception space is great for presentations or launches. At District, we have a conveniently located space for every group size and event type. Whether a rooftop terrace speaks to you or a theater-style setup is ideal, we’ve got you covered.

Double Down on the Perks

Think beyond the coffee and pastries. Explore quality catering options that will elevate the experience, such as a novelty taco truck or ice cream bar or order in from top local dining institutions. At District, our strategically positioned addresses mean that you’ll have easy access to DC’s most notable restaurants and bars, coffee shops, and catering services. But don’t let the perks stop at food. Explore other ways to show appreciation for your team, such as goodie bags from local vendors, high-quality stationery, or intriguing experiences such as improv sessions, a beginner magic class, or even live music. These will help break up the day and make the occasion a memorable one. Not sure where to start? Ask District’s team for recommendations.

Don’t Try to Cram too Much In

An off-site is a big day by nature, and it’s tempting to use it to squeeze in as much as possible. But be kind to your team – and their attention spans. Create a schedule that allows for plenty of breaks and keep presentations short and relevant. Use a timer to keep things on track and give your team time to catch up on any emails or calls that might be coming through during the day. This will prevent them from feeling overwhelmed when they return to the office. Worried about the juggle involved in both hosting and participating in your event simultaneously? District’s helpful staff are here to not only help you plan your offsite but also to make sure the day goes smoothly.

Set Your Offsite at District Offices for Best Results

Ready to host a powerfully productive offsite? Talk to the team at District Offices. With multiple centrally positioned locations, a wide variety of meeting and event spaces, and easy access to DC’s top attractions, we have everything you need to get started designing and facilitating a winning offsite. To ensure your next offsite is a success, talk to us today.



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