In-Person Meetings Still Matter: How to Hold a Safe In-Person Meeting

Remote meetings have allowed businesses to continue operating throughout the pandemic. Technology has allowed conferences to pivot into webinars and events to be held virtually. But no matter the platform you use – it’s still not the same as meeting in person.

Virtual meetings have their limits. It’s easier to be less engaged (i.e. turn on mute and turn off your camera), long meetings tend to exhaust employees, and it’s hard to build strong relationships. Every so often, an in-person meeting is necessary.

The Benefits

Humans are meant to connect with each other; it’s part of who we are as a species. In-person meetings bring a human aspect back to the business that we’ve all been missing.

In these unsure times, you may be wondering why this is most beneficial. We’ve outlined them below.

  • Brainstorming. 

Brainstorming virtually is a struggle. In-person, you’ll be able to bounce ideas back and forth, take breaks, and ensure a more creative free flow.

  • Engagement.

If what you are discussing is important and essential to the well-being of your business, host it in person.

  • Urgency.

If you don’t have any time to waste and need to accomplish something in one day, an in-person meeting could help move things along faster.

  • Meeting Length.

Longer meetings are one of the most necessary to host in person. Employees will walk away from the experience much happier than if they had sat on the computer all day.

  • Relationship Building.

When trying to make an impression and build a partnership or relationship, it’s worth it to meet in person.

The Safety

Safety is the top concern when a company decides to host an in-person meeting. However, with prior planning, you will be able to host safely. Keep in mind a few tips below.

  • Communicate effectively to everyone all precautions you are taking. Ex: No handshaking, masks are expected to be worn the whole time.
  • Make sure there’s lots of space for employees to socially distance.
  • Ensure effective cleaning protocols.
  • Provide hand sanitizer.
  • Be flexible. If it’s a big team meeting, allow the option to zoom in. Not everyone is going to agree to in-person right away.

What are the options?

Co-working spaces are available to fill this need. You can book a space without renting an office all year round. You can also become a member if you decide to do this more frequently. These spaces are pioneering new cleaning protocols and can help with any admin so you can focus solely on the meeting.

At District Offices, we have a range of rooms to host meetings in a safe space. We also have tech capabilities that can assist you in ensuring a smooth meeting. You can browse our full list of amenities, room sizes, services, and locations here. We’re located in Capitol Hill, Central Business District, Georgetown, and Pennsylvania Avenue and can host up to 45 people.


Contact us to discuss your needs, book a tour, or secure the perfect space for your business.


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