Hosting a Holiday Party in DC? We’ve Got the Goods! 

New year and Christmas celebration with champagne in front the Christmas tree.

It’s that time of year again, with holiday parties happening just about every other day. It seems like if you’re not attending one, you’re throwing one! After all, what better way to celebrate the approach of a new year and get excited about the holiday season? There are a lot of reasons to throw a party, and the truth is, you could throw one virtually anywhere you have space.

Why Go Private?

So why throw a party in a private event space?

A few reasons. Perhaps you’re a business, and you want to do something special for your employees. But having your party at the office seems a little ho-hum. Sure, you could hire a caterer and deck the place out, but at the end of the day, it’s still—well—the office.

Or perhaps you’re a startup with no designated office space at the moment, and you want to host a holiday party for your A-team that’s helping you get that show on the road. Obviously, you don’t want to throw a mini-gala in the basement. That would be weird.

The Perks

Oh, the perks. They are many and varied, with plenty of options to choose from. Private event facilities are equipped to allow you to throw a beautiful, private dinner party for a handful of your favorites, or a festive banquet room bash for the whole crew.

Private event spaces offer flexible layouts, with cool extras like a coat room, a reception area that allows you to greet guests as they arrive, and plenty of seating if required. In other words, you get plenty of space for everyone to spread out and have a blast!

Location, Location, Location

Some say location is everything. It makes the holidays that much more special to get downtown and see the decorations. So, throw your party in a space surrounded by local color!

Our Capitol Hill location offers amazing views of the Capitol building and the areas around it. Enjoy a glass of bubbly on our rooftop terrace and soak in the scenery.

Our Farragut location is found right in the heart of downtown DC, in the Blake Building. The White House is a mere three blocks away, and the Mayflower Hotel is only a block away.

Our Pennsylvania Avenue location is found in the historic Ronald Reagan Building, known as the only federal building to offer both public and private usage. It also happens to be the largest building in the DC area and is a few blocks from the Capitol, which has it’s own Christmas tree every year.

And finally, our Georgetown location is in the heart of the festive streets of Georgetown. A few blocks from the waterfront, your guests can hit the ice skating rink or fire pits before the big event!

Holiday Magic

Whatever your motivations, our goal is to help your holiday party be the best it can be, starting with location. No matter which location you choose, our private event spaces at District Offices are available and waiting to make your next holiday party an evening to remember.


Contact us to discuss your needs, book a tour, or secure the perfect space for your business.


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