5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Team this Year

virtual holiday party

December 4, 2020

2020 was a tough year for everyone, and with a spike in cases and more shutdowns, it’s not getting any easier.  So, what can your company do to lift everyone’s spirits?

It’s more important than ever to thank your employees for their hard work and to celebrate the wins. To help, we’ve brainstormed some ideas so you can have a festive and safe virtual gathering with your team.

Idea #1 Set a Theme & Pour the Drinks

Take into account how your company would normally be celebrating this season and adjust accordingly. The holidays are a cause for celebration and offer a break in a busy work week.

If you are hosting a virtual gathering, set a theme so that it doesn’t feel like a regular work meeting. Have an ugly Christmas sweater contest or a recipe exchange. Make sure employees feel together and involved. Send out local wine or beer to each employee’s house so you can all be drinking the same thing!

Idea #2 Focus on Wellness

We can all benefit from attention to our health and self-care this year. Maybe an ugly Christmas sweater challenge and drinks aren’t your cup of tea? Instead of drinking and packing on the calories, organize a group yoga class or meditation and give a new membership to a wellness app to everyone for the new year. Recognize how important mental health is, especially in 2020.

Idea #3 Get Artsy

Host a virtual paint night. Send everyone a paint kit and organize an instructor. Employees can either drink tea or wine, connect with their artistic side, and compare everyone’s creations. Art can strengthen an organization’s character and transcend any differences employees may have.

Idea #4 Cook Together

Sponsor an online cooking class. There are a variety of virtual experiences to choose from online. If you have a smaller team, consider giving everyone an allowance to get the required ingredients. Then follow a chef as they teach you how to make a delicious new meal. Afterward, you can all eat together and discuss the positives of 2020.

Idea #5 Host a Virtual Game Night

These ideas may be a little more out there, but everyone could use a bit of entertainment and fun.

  • Company Talent Show: Ask employees to show off their unique skills and then everyone can vote for a winner.
  • Virtual Awards Party: Come up with a superlative for each employee and announce it.
  • Holiday Party Charades: Pick a theme (movies, songs, traditions) and act them out.
  • Virtual Jeopardy: Create your own company jeopardy and play a few rounds. Maybe you’ll find the next Ken Jennings among your own staff!

No matter what… acknowledge the sorrows, but more importantly, toast the accomplishments.

Prompt leadership beforehand to prepare something to say. Acknowledge that some employees will have had very real problems this year and may still be going through it. Taking time out to lean on each other will make everyone feel welcome and respected during this heavy time.


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