The Value of a Private Office

In a time where working in coffee shops is no longer feasible and working side by side with colleagues is potentially dangerous… private offices make more and more sense. With so many of us now working from home, it’s becoming increasingly harder to create clear divisions between our jobs and our lives. But this sort of separation is important, not just for your own mental health, but for your relationships. While it is important to stay safe during this pandemic, it is also important not to allow your work life to spill over into your personal life.

Our solution

Within our four co-working centers, you can rent a private office space. These spaces are enclosed and lockable, providing the ability to make it your own.

The benefit we provide

In these uncertain times, mental health has been put to the test. Working from home is increasingly difficult, derailing even the most organized of people. The benefits of having a private office can revive the part of you that misses the old style of work while providing a secure space to call your own.

A private office, in a co-working space

We provide private offices within a co-working space, which grants you the usual perks of being part of a community. However, you will have the distance you need for safety at an affordable rate. You also have access to use conference rooms, café, rooftops, and other amenities.

Designated workspace outside of the house

Having a space outside of your home helps to separate work and home life. Not only does it get you out of the house and into a routine, but it also affords you privacy. Conversations can be kept private and confidential and uninterrupted! Our offices provide the privacy and work/home separation that we know you miss. 

Flexibility to work remotely

Much like working from home, our offices are open to your business 24/7, 365. You may come and go as you please and work when you want. We put the power of choice back in your hands by providing the freedom to choose your hours of operation, length of stay, and so on.

Safely work while distancing yourself from others

Most importantly, a private office allows you to safely work outside your home. You can control who enters and ensure a strict cleaning protocol. While you’ll still need to be mindful when entering and exiting and using shared spaces, a private office is a secure domain to call your own.


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