Branding Your Private Office Suite

Congratulations, you’ve bitten the bullet and invested in your own private office. One of the glories of having your own office space is that you can make it your own. When someone enters your space, they should be able to tell exactly who they are doing business with.

We know its no easy feat in a location surrounded by other fellow entrepreneurs. When you’re renting a private office, you can’t exactly go for a major renovation, but there are plenty of ways to brand your space.

Get Creative

Don’t invest in a private space and then fail to invest in this area. Decorate with accent furniture that fits your brand and style. Some ideas could be to get removable wallpaper that matches your brand, 3D logo signage, framed branded quotes or company mottos, etc.

Accent pieces like wall hangings and potted plants can help give your space an individual feel, yet be easily removed if the need arises. Anything that can be added to your space to show the vibe and aesthetics of your company are great additions.

TVs and whiteboards can also lend a certain appeal to your space and give the perception that it’s a place where things are happening.

Consider Your Layout

Your private office space probably won’t be huge, but you can make it appear open and inviting with the right layout. Arrange furniture in a way that allows for easy movement around the office to help stimulate and encourage creativity while you’re working, but still fits your brand style, and make sure to have seating for visitors.

For instance, if your brand is more formal, you would arrange furniture and decor in a way that emphasizes this and keeps a professional vibe. If your brand is more creative, you might arrange furniture in a way that’s not necessarily traditional, but works for your audience. Some entrepreneurs like to use lighting to help communicate their brand and set a mood in their private space. However you design your layout, make sure it’s visually appealing and comfortable for clients to visit, and don’t overcrowd the space with unnecessary items you don’t use.

Make a Statement with Color

Color is a simple yet effective way to brand a private office space and can be incorporated in a variety of different ways. You can use color in your choice of furniture as well as in your accents, like wall hangings, decorative art, and throw rugs. You might not have much control over the color of paint or flooring, but you can definitely take control of many other elements.

The right furniture, storage equipment, and decor, coupled with strategic signage that communicates your business and brand values, will help your customers and clients know instantly who they are doing business with. Branding mission accomplished.


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