Private Office or Dedicated Desk Spaces – What’s the Difference?

Entrepreneurship, freelancing, and remote work has been on the rise for years now. And with it, the trend of coworking has grown and become an entrepreneurial beast all its own, with various coworking locations opening up all over the world, catering to people who want the camaraderie of an office, without the commitment of an office.

With the increase in popularity, there are now multiple options of what kind of coworking space or office you want to rent. It’s no longer only about sharing a desk with people you don’t know. Coworking has gone mainstream and gotten an upgrade.

Keep reading for a brief breakdown of the differences between a private office and a dedicated desk. They are two of the most popular coworking options currently available and while they have some similarities, they are targeted at different folks, with different strokes.

Private Office or Dedicated Desk Spaces

Private Office Space

Though it can seem a little odd to desire a private office amid a coworking space, it’s actually become quite popular. You get all the benefits of coworking, such as networking, community, and sharing knowledge and jokes around the water cooler, while still having a private area to take client meetings and important calls, or just hibernate with your laptop and coffee.

The beauty of a private office is that it’s, well… private. It’s also customizable, fully enclosed, and comes with a lock and key, so that no one can enter your space without an invitation. Private offices are great for established companies as well as individuals, making them excellent for enhancing teamwork or getting your most important work done in peace and quiet. If you’re looking for an oasis of privacy amidst an active community, a private office in a coworking space may be just the ticket.

Private office spaces are fully enclosed workspaces that offer a high level of privacy and exclusivity. They are ideal for businesses that require a professional and confidential environment to work in.

Key Features of Private Office Spaces

Complete Privacy: Private offices offer complete privacy, allowing you to work without any distractions or interruptions. You can conduct meetings with clients or partners in a private setting, without worrying about being overheard.

Customizable Space: Private offices are fully customizable, allowing you to design the space to meet your specific needs and preferences. You can choose the layout, furniture, and decor to create a workspace that reflects your brand and style.

High-Quality Amenities: Private offices typically come with high-quality amenities, such as high-speed internet, printing and scanning services, and access to meeting rooms. Some private offices also offer additional amenities, such as kitchen facilities, reception services, and mail handling.

Flexibility: Private offices offer flexibility in terms of lease length and size. You can choose a short-term or long-term lease, and select an office size that meets your needs. This makes private offices a great option for businesses that are growing or need to downsize.

Professional Environment: Private offices provide a professional environment that is conducive to productivity and success. They offer a prestigious address and a professional image that can help to attract clients and partners.

Dedicated Desk Space

For entrepreneurs that want to be a part of a coworking community without necessarily being out in the open, and who don’t want to leave their desk rental to chance, they might find that renting a dedicated desk is their best option. A dedicated desk is for someone that values the security of having their own desk, chair, and filing cabinet, but they don’t mind sharing that office space with 2-3 other like-minded professionals.

It’s like regular coworking, with a little more structure and routine. You get to work with the same handful of professionals from day-to-day and work at the same desk, and you can lock up all your necessities, so they are ready and waiting each day. Dedicated desks are great for individual entrepreneurs that want to feel a sense of consistency in their day but aren’t concerned about having a private office all to themselves.

Dedicated desk spaces are designated workspaces within a shared office environment. They offer a more affordable option for individuals or small teams who need a professional workspace but don’t require the privacy of a private office.

Key Features of Dedicated Desk Spaces

Designated Workspace: Dedicated desk spaces provide a designated workspace within a shared office environment. You have your own desk, chair, and storage space, which you can personalize to meet your needs.
Access to Amenities: Dedicated desk spaces typically come with access to shared amenities, such as meeting rooms, kitchen facilities, and printing services. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of a professional office environment without the high cost.

Flexibility: Dedicated desk spaces offer flexibility in terms of lease length and size. You can choose a short-term or long-term lease, and select a desk size that meets your needs. This makes dedicated desk spaces a great option for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses that are growing or need to downsize.

Networking Opportunities: Dedicated desk spaces provide opportunities to network and collaborate with other professionals in the shared office environment. This can lead to new business opportunities, partnerships, and friendships.

Cost-Effective: Dedicated desk spaces are a cost-effective option for individuals or small teams who need a professional workspace. They offer a more affordable alternative to private offices, without sacrificing the benefits of a professional office environment.

Decisions, Decisions

Deciding which option is best for you is really a personal choice. Evaluate your needs and wants, evaluate the benefits of each, and then go with what works best for your business. You can always change your mind later. The beauty of coworking in all its shapes and forms is that it’s extremely flexible and offerings are designed with you in mind.


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