Going Virtual? Benefit from the Flexibility of a Virtual Office

The past few months have seen businesses reconsider how and where they work. Staff members are working from home, logging on outside the traditional Monday-Friday 9-5, or even sitting out for weeks or months as companies adjust to a rapidly changing future. Unsurprisingly, for many small or mid-sized businesses, the enormous overheads associated with a full-floor or full-building office no longer make sense.

Now’s the time to be financially prudent. Affordable, flexible and scalable, virtual offices give you everything you need in a workplace, but without the premium or long-term contracts. Here’s how.

A Workplace on Demand

Why lease a huge office floor when you only need a few desks or the occasional meeting room space? A virtual office gives you precisely that flexibility. Ideal for mostly or completely remote teams, virtual offices give you access to all of the workplace essentials when you need it. Book a hot desk or two for staff collaborating on a big report. Hire a meeting room for that high-stakes client presentation. Or simply take advantage of cloud computing and telephony services. Virtual offices give you the flexibility to make your workspace work for you and to come and go when it’s convenient.

Be Everywhere at Once

The move towards distributed workforces means that every business has the opportunity to be national – or even global. With a virtual office arrangement, you can quickly spin up a presence in a growth market, allowing you to have someone on the ground and able to meet with clients in a professional setting. District Offices’ workspaces, for example, are strategically located in key areas throughout Washington D.C., providing a central, high-profile workspace for your company in an instant. Simply call up and book a room.

Skip the Admin

One of the major benefits of a virtual office is the ability to hand over that time-consuming admin work to someone else. A virtual office space like those provided by District Offices comes with services such as mail sorting and forwarding and telephone answering. On top of that, you’ll also benefit from having an on-demand IT team ready to help with troubleshooting as needed. You’ll get the peace of mind of knowing that your communications are handled even if you’re away for a conference or meeting, plus you’ll get to avoid doing your own tech support.

Invest in the Essentials

As businesses slowly emerge from the challenges of lockdown, many are doing so with drastically reduced budgets and highly curtailed liquidity. Scaling your virtual office needs up and down is easy, meaning you’ll only pay for what you need.

Talk to District Offices Today

If full or partial remote working is the direction your company plans to take, a virtual office can meet all of your professional workplace needs, and without the overhead. Talk to District Offices today about how we can help your business move forward by giving you what you need to flexibly meet whatever the future brings.



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