The Benefits of Having a Business Address as a Startup

If there’s one thing you should seriously consider, it’s getting an actual address for your business. Even if you do 95% of your work at home, in your underwear, propped up in bed, that’s okay. Your clients and partners don’t need to know the dirty details of how you serve them, only that you’re fab at it.

Keep it Separate

While it’s not unheard of to use your home address as your business address too, there are strong arguments against it, mainly centered around the issue of privacy. Public records will link to your address, and it’s much safer to have your business address listed publicly than your home address.

Some people get around this problem by paying for a P.O. Box to list as their business address, or by renting a box at a local mail store. Both of these options can solve the privacy problem, but a P.O. Box doesn’t instill much confidence in the people you are trying to do business with.

Prove You’re Legit

Though working from home is more common now than ever, people still want to know they are putting their trust in a credible business. A physical address helps legitimize your startup and shows that you have invested in your business’ long-term success. You will use this address on marketing collateral like business cards and brochures, your website, and other branded materials. A real address provides your business with a layer of credibility and prestige.

Business First

As mentioned, your business address will be used on all public records. It will be the main destination for things like invoices, mail, and correspondence, and you will be using it for a variety of things, like licensing and permits, registering a domain name, creating an LLC/Corp, creating a business bank account, advertising online, and obtaining a local listing on platforms like Google My Business. It will also make it easier for customers and clients to find you when they look you up. Trust us; they will!

Meeting Place for Clients

Another perk to having an actual business address is you can meet clients there when needed. While it’s not uncommon for many entrepreneurs to do business in a variety of casual locations, like a local coffee shop or at a client’s place of business, it’s still nice to have your “own” meeting place that you can utilize when you need to. It gives you and your business an extra layer of credibility with clients, and it can be particularly useful if you run a business that requires a lot of sit-downs with people.

One of the amenities of being a member of District Offices is your pristine D.C. address. Even if you don’t need a physical space here just yet, check out our virtual offices. Ultimately, you want to put your best foot forward with potential customers and clients. Our goal is to support you in doing exactly that.


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