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12 Benefits of Private Office Spaces For Entrepreneurs

12 benefits of private office spaces for entrepreneurs

February 9, 2024 | Private Offices

Securing office space in this market is an ideal solution for most companies because current market trends will allow you create an ideal work environment for your team. Whether you have a single member or a sizable team of 200+, a private office space suits any business. Securing private office space offers the immediate benefit of accessing furnished and equipped infrastructure, eliminating the need for property investment or capital expenditures. Choose flexible licenses ranging from 1 to 12 months or extend for a longer period if needed.

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15 Tips for Choosing Month to Month Office Space

15 tips for choosing month to month office space

January 25, 2024 | Private Offices

Choosing a month to month office space is a significant decision that needs careful consideration and time. Deciding on a location that matches with your business type, is suitable for both – employees and clients, and remains cost-effective as well. Whether you seek a small office space, a space for your start-up, or a new location for your team, the right office space significantly improves ambiance and boosts team productivity.

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5 Reasons to Spring for a Private Office

5 Reasons to Spring for a Private Office

May 31, 2023 | Private Offices

Checking your morning emails with a dog in your lap and kids running riot? It might be time to consider finding the right balance between your home and your office. Let’s dive into the top reasons District’s tenants give for finding their a new equilibrium at our office spaces in DC and National Landing.

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What Amenities Should You Look for With Your Private Office?

Private Office Amenities

March 18, 2022 | Private Offices

When you’re looking for new private office space, you often consider location, size, and amenities. Most likely, you’re timing your commute, how much space you need (or want), and comparing the amenities the office space offers. The biggest struggle often comes when you’ve found a few offices in the right location, offer great space, are right in your budget, but don’t offer amenities. How do you decide which amenities matter? Here are a few we recommend:

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Work Smarter: Leverage Administrative Support in Your Coworking Space

administrative support

January 21, 2022 | Coworking, Dedicated Desks, Private Offices, Virtual Offices

Coworking spaces offer more than just a strategic address and a built-in community, delivering an extensive list of business support perks usually only available to larger, well-resourced companies and organizations. By renting a space at District Offices, you can take advantage of a variety of services that take an administrative load off your shoulders – and allow you to focus on what you do best.

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Office Space is a Game Changer. Here’s Why

office space

November 4, 2021 | Dedicated Desks, Private Offices

In 2019, 17% of employees worked consistently from home – in 2020, it increased to 44%. Remote work is becoming a standard in small businesses, especially those where employees live long-distance. But even with the freedom of working remotely, employees face significant problems – specifically a lack of professional space.

Your home most likely didn’t come with built-in office space, and, pre-pandemic, not many homes did.  In general, working from home consists of finding somewhere – anywhere – you can set up as your workspace. For some, that looks like a desk in a quiet corner. For others, it’s like taking turns working on the couch vs. working on the bed.

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Save On Commercial Construction Build Out Costs with Coworking

Commercial Built-Out

September 14, 2021 | Coworking, Private Offices

Traditional corporate leases account for a major part of any organization’s overheads. But it’s not just the monthly cost businesses – especially growing ones – need to worry about. Getting your space set up and built out to suit your organizational needs can be a significant expense and one that can see new or small businesses quickly burning through their startup capital.

Here’s what to know about commercial construction build-out costs – and why leasing a move-in-ready coworking space can be a great way to keep that all-important cash in your pocket.

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Office Solutions for Small and Mid-sized Companies

Office Solutions

September 9, 2021 | Coworking, Private Offices, Shared Office Space

Small and mid-sized companies face unique opportunities – and unique challenges. Smaller companies are nimbler, with the ability to pivot towards growth and adapt to shifts in the market. But when it comes to managing real estate and office spaces, they’re at a disadvantage. Smaller companies leasing a traditional office space can see their profits being eaten up by overheads. They also have less leverage when it comes to securing a long-term lease or loan. All of this can have an impact on bottom lines – and future growth. 

But the agile, adaptive working environments offered at a coworking space such as District Offices in downtown D.C. can turn a challenge into an opportunity – reducing financial risk while maximizing flexibility. 

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The Central Importance of Workplace Amenities Post-COVID

August 17, 2021 | Coworking, Private Offices, Shared Office Space

For some organizations, enticing workers to return to the office after a year of working from home has been no easy feat. Employees have become accustomed to having seamless access to comforts such as fully equipped kitchens, package pick-up, and quiet or outdoor spaces that allow them to take a breather from the demands of work.

As we return to in-person or hybrid models of working, contemporary workplaces need to keep up with workers’ shifting demands and expectations of the places they spend their 9-5. Here’s what workplaces need to offer to compete with the comfort and safety of home-based working.

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Coworking Spaces for Lawyers and Legal Professionals are an Ideal Choice

Legal Professionals

June 17, 2021 | Business, Coworking, Private Offices

As the world begins to return to in-person working, solo attorneys, lawyers, paralegals, and other law professionals are rethinking how and where they work. But large law offices or chambers can be expensive, inflexible, or scarce in terms of availability. Little wonder legal professionals looking for space are turning to coworking as a viable option.

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