District Offices Response To Coronavirus (COVID-19):

We are open for business, but it is not business as usual! We understand that these past few months have presented us, our families, and loved ones with physical, financial, and emotional challenges. We are now in a new time of transitioning from working from home to re-entry into the workspace. We, at District Offices, want to make sure that we make that transition as secure and safe as possible. With this in mind, we have put together our Workplace Reentry Game Plan and want to enumerate the steps we are taking to keep our members, guests, and employees safe.

As we remain open as a trusted workplace provider to our clients, we are monitoring the situation every day. We are diligently following all federal, state, local, CDC, and WHO guidelines to offer a clean and safe work environment.

Prioritizing the Safety and Well-Being of Our Community

In accordance with Best Practices, we have implemented increased cleaning and social distancing practices. We have engaged a third-party cleaning company that provides electrostatic cleaning services for each of our locations in addition to the nightly cleaning provided by our janitorial company and the continued daily cleaning by our center teams. We have implemented practices to de-densify our common areas and conference rooms. We encourage all our members, guests, and employees to follow these policies to ensure a safe work environment for everyone.

Supporting Our Virtual Community

We also provide many services to support those who are working from home. We continue to offer virtual receptionist, remote phone services, mail collection, administrative support, and other virtual business services.

We are Here to Help

Our team at District Offices appreciates our clients and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns you would like to discuss, we are here to help. Please contact our team at sales@districtoffices.net or 202.223.5200.

We hope you stay healthy and productive during these unprecedented times.

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