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Host Your Office End-of-Year or Holiday Celebration with District

District Offices Holiday Events

November 22, 2023 | Meetings & Events

There’s a chill in the air, which means that the holidays are approaching – along with the prospect of those end-of-year work parties. Holiday parties are a great way to boost worker morale, celebrate the year’s achievements, and get to know your team and their families a little better. With so many of us working remotely or hybrid these days, an end-of-year party might be the only chance you have to get your whole team in one place, face-to-face! But don’t get your tinsel in a tangle. If you’re looking to host a great holiday party but have no idea where to start, District Offices has all the answers.

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How to Plan a Winningly Productive Offsite

Productive Offsite

January 18, 2023 | Meetings & Events

Sometimes a change of place is a much-needed change of pace. With hybrid and remote working still the norm, gathering your team in person for an offsite meeting or team-building day is a great way to help everyone reconnect, realign and create those impactful action plans.

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What to Know About Private Event Space in DC


October 18, 2022 | Meetings & Events

As organizations return to the office, in-person events are making a comeback. District Offices has multiple spaces across six centrally located venues to accommodate your event needs and to ensure a memorable experience. Here’s how we do it.

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Ways to Impress During Your First Meeting with a New Client

client meeting

February 14, 2022 | Business, Meetings & Events

First impressions are especially important when a new client is involved. You want to show that you’re capable, knowledgeable, experienced, and able to deliver value. Here’s how to ensure that you put your best foot forward during that all-important first meeting.

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How to Build a Better Professional Network


October 20, 2021 | Business, Meetings & Events

It’s common knowledge that your professional success is heavily influenced by the professional network you create. Even so, we often expect our network to grow passively – with little to no work on our end. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works.

Building a better professional network happens over time and with quite a bit of effort. These valuable relationships are the result of finding innovative ways to communicate, strengthening existing relationships, creating a fluid networking strategy, and more.

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Where to Rent a Conference Rooms by the Hour in DC?

DC Conference Rooms

March 4, 2021 | Meetings & Events

When it comes to impressing a client, delivering a winning pitch, or hosting a high-impact workshop or board meeting, location matters. Enhance your proposal by renting a conference room at one of District Offices’ prominently located, elegantly furnished spaces. You can easily host powerful seminars or board meetings, dazzle clients, and make successful presentations by renting conference rooms by the hour in Washington, DC. Location is crucial for leaving a lasting impression, and our prime locations offer the ideal setting for your commercial ventures.

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5 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Team this Year

virtual holiday party

December 4, 2020 | Meetings & Events

2020 was a tough year for everyone, and with a spike in cases and more shutdowns, it’s not getting any easier.  So, what can your company do to lift everyone’s spirits?

It’s more important than ever to thank your employees for their hard work and to celebrate the wins. To help, we’ve brainstormed some ideas so you can have a festive and safe virtual gathering with your team.

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In-Person Meetings Still Matter: How to Hold a Safe In-Person Meeting

Meeting space

October 28, 2020 | Meetings & Events

Remote meetings have allowed businesses to continue operating throughout the pandemic. Technology has allowed conferences to pivot into webinars and events to be held virtually. But no matter the platform you use – it’s still not the same as meeting in person.

Virtual meetings have their limits. It’s easier to be less engaged (i.e. turn on mute and turn off your camera), long meetings tend to exhaust employees, and it’s hard to build strong relationships. Every so often, an in-person meeting is necessary.

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Engaging Remote Employees and Extending Your Company Culture

remote employees

April 22, 2020 | Business, Meetings & Events

As we all seek to flatten the COVID-19 curve, businesses around the world have adapted by mandating remote working. But while working from home can boost productivity gains, it does lag in certain areas, namely engagement and culture. Here’s how your company can keep your employees engaged and feeling part of a team when there’s no water cooler to gather around.

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How Your Business Can Benefit From Partnering With a Non-Profit

Nonprofit Partner

April 15, 2020 | Business, Meetings & Events

Consumers have never been as concerned about corporate social responsibility as they are today. Social enterprises are on the rise, and more and more startups are following this business model. But what if your mission isn’t tackling a social or environmental issue head-on? How can you demonstrate that you are socially responsible? Or maybe you’re just starting out as a social enterprise and need to amp up your network and reach? There is no business strategy more effective in making a positive difference, both economically and socially, than building a strategic partnership between a for-profit business and a non-profit organization. Fortunately, there are more than 1.5 million non-profits registered in the U.S. that are looking to partner with businesses and make a difference. Below we’ll go through the top reasons (besides changing the world) that you can benefit from partnering with a non-profit.

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