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The Increasing Importance of Flexible Workspaces

August 19, 2020 | Business, Coworking

There’s no doubt that coronavirus has turned how we work on its head. Just like that, employees were working remotely while juggling kids and logging hours outside the typical 9-5. And companies had no choice but to adjust to this new normal – even if they didn’t previously embrace a work-from-home culture.

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Offices Are Changing: How to Enhance the Workspace Experience


July 31, 2020 | Business, Coworking, Dedicated Desks

The management and functions of modern workplaces are currently up for debate, leading to lots of change and rethinking. Some workplaces are coming out of lockdown with new safety and sanitization protocol, while others will still be empty for months to come. As we know, coronavirus is not ending anytime soon, and so it’s time to think about longer-term changes and what workspaces should look like moving forward. As we look at the future, let’s acknowledge how we can enhance the workspace. Below we’ve outlined what to take into account to make your workspace better considering the current world.

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Getting Certified? A Coworking Space Can Help You Become a Certified Business Enterprise

certified business enterprise

July 22, 2020 | Business, Coworking, DC Metro Area

At District Offices, we receive a lot of inquiries from businesses that are looking to lease coworking space in order to fulfill the requirements needed to become a DC Certified Business Enterprise (CBE). Let’s take a look at why CBE status is so sought after for DC small businesses, and how a coworking space can help achieve it.

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Coworking Services: A One-Stop-Shop for Your Business

July 15, 2020 | Business, Coworking, Virtual Offices

Whether you’re an independent contractor, startup, or SME your goals are the same: to maximize growth and profits. That means spending more time on high-value areas of work such as client acquisition, contract management and project delivery, and less on handling office admin. If flexibility, ROI, and simplicity matter to you, then a coworking space or virtual office service should be on your radar. Once you’re part of a coworking ecosystem, you’ll be able to reclaim plenty more time and resources for building your business.

Here are just some of the benefits of a coworking space.

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Tips to Help You Recover After a Burnout


July 10, 2020 | Business

Burnout has become a bit of a buzzword phrase for the workplace as of late. It’s not exactly a surprise considering all the shifts and new stresses this year has endured. However, commonplace or not, burnout is a very real problem with potentially devastating effects.

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Comfort and Productivity: Gear to Up Your Work Game


July 1, 2020 | Business

Sometimes productivity and focus seem elusive, no matter how hard you try to obtain it or where you’re working from. Home comes with its own set of distractions, and though working from an office can help with focus, there are some days where it feels like (literally) everything is against you getting stuff done. The best thing you can do is recognize you’ll have days like these and set yourself up for maximum success on all those other days. You can start by making sure your home office or workspace is set up with the best gear possible. You’ll be in flow state before you know it!

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How to Decentralize Your Business by Developing a Flexible Office Strategy


June 24, 2020 | Business, Coworking

For years now, the business world has been moving away from strict hierarchical business models towards decentralized ones. This trend has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, startup boom, changes brought about by globalization, and, of course, the growth in flex-office spaces. Why choose flex-office space or the better-known cousin – the coworking office solution? Coworking spaces are flexible workplaces that make it easy for businesses to trial decentralization at a scale – and a location – that works for them.

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Tips for a Successful Virtual Interview


June 12, 2020 | Business, Virtual Offices

While the spread of COVID19 has been slowed, remote work continues to be the norm, and it is not going away anytime soon. This means that virtual meetings and chat rooms are here to stay and if you’re in the job market or looking to hire then this means virtual interviews! Virtual interviews can be clunky and awkward without pre-planning, so we’ve gathered our top tips for both conducting and participating in them. Hopefully, these tips will take your virtual hiring and job search process to the next level.

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What Workers are Looking for in a Job


June 3, 2020 | Business

At any given time, some 51% of workers are looking for a new job. With at least 41 million Americans having lost their jobs as businesses closed or slashed budgets during COVID-19 pandemic, there’s currently a huge potential hiring pool out there for employers to tap into. However, to get access to top talent, your company needs to deliver a working environment that resonates with workers’ needs.

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How to Keep Remote Workers Happy and Engaged


May 27, 2020 | Business, Virtual Offices

Remote work has quite suddenly become the new normal. Luckily with technology, it’s not as hard to navigate as one might assume. With Slack, Zoom, and various remote tools, your company is at your fingertips, and work is getting done efficiently. However, there are still lots of challenges that can directly affect employees and how they feel about their jobs.

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