Office Space is a Game Changer. Here’s Why

In 2019, 17% of employees worked consistently from home – in 2020, it increased to 44%. Remote work is becoming a standard in small businesses, especially those where employees live long-distance. But even with the freedom of working remotely, employees face significant problems – specifically a lack of professional space.

Your home most likely didn’t come with built-in office space, and, pre-pandemic, not many homes did.  In general, working from home consists of finding somewhere – anywhere – you can set up as your workspace. For some, that looks like a desk in a quiet corner. For others, it’s like taking turns working on the couch vs. working on the bed.

Still, a traditional office space isn’t ideal. Instead, private offices, coworking spaces, or even dedicated desks may be precisely what you’re looking for. Here’s why:

It’s Easier Than Ever to Collaborate & Communicate

Office spaces were initially created to help workers collaborate and communicate, and there’s no reason to stop now. Although working remotely, employees and team members have the opportunity to collaborate and communicate closely in designated spaces – even when those spaces are thousands of miles apart. For example, a team that uses designated coworking spaces with the same tool set-up, resources, and accessibility is able to smoothly collaborate on projects and stay connected without juggling tabs on a computer screen. Most coworking spaces and private offices are set up with high-speed internet allowing team members to stay connected even if their home is in rural areas.

The Professional Space You Need to Impress Clients

It’s easy to focus solely on team communication and collaboration benefits.  However,  you should also consider what an employee’s workspace looks like to current and potential clients. Although many connections are now made virtually, the rise of programs like Zoom, Google Meet, and Skype have led to remote workers meeting “face to face” or, rather, screen to screen.  Although the greenscreen office backdrop is a typical option while using these programs, it often fails due to the workspace and lighting of the user. Having a designated coworking space or private office gives employees and team members a place to be professional while taking take important calls and attending meetings.

You’re More Productive & Distraction Free

Home may be a place of comfort, but it’s also a place of distractions. Dogs, cats, chores, spouses – all can become distractions at a moment’s notice. When working from home, it’s easy to blend your work life with your home life.

Coworking spaces and private offices provide a distraction-free environment to focus on time-sensitive projects and boost productivity.  A recent study shows that a well-designed office could boost your productivity by 20%. Even if not used daily, separate office space is the perfect place to refresh and refocus on work.

If you’re ready to boost your team’s productivity, check out District Office’s coworking spaces and private offices and discover which option is best for you.


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